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Olla everyone!

It have been 2 months plus ever since Baby Sofea arrived into this world. I am beyond happy and graced with her presence into our life. Love her so much that I wish that I could bring her every where I go.. hahaha.. The thing is I never raise a baby before, it have been ages since the last time I hold a baby and let alone to bring a newborn out for a jalan2 session.

I need all the tips and help I could get. One of the most crucial tips I got is that, you need to always be prepared for anything. Even for 1 hour trip to buy groceries, if you bringing your baby then you need to  bring all of her back up stuff. Back up stuff you said? Ya.. Things like extra diapers (most important), extra clothes (baby tend to vomit and they get uncomfortable when their outfit is wet), handkerchief, wet tissue, soft toy (to calm her down), pacifier and etc… In a nutshell, you just have to be prepared.

To carry all this baby stuff, you need a diaper bag. At first, I was like… How am I supposed to carry a baby then my handbag then diaper bag then stroller then my baby wrap??? I don't have extra hands like mr.octopus. Which is why I am so happy when I come across this stylo diaper bag from SKIPHOP. Like seriously.. does it look like a diaper bag from a first glance?  Nope.. right?

I just love this Chelsea Satchel diaper bag. It is so effortlessly stylish. So, I don't have to bring extra handbag. I can just dump my purse,hand phone in there combine with baby sofea’s items. Lets have a closer look.



This is the front view. As you can see it comes in black colour with gold and faux lather detailing. It also came with 2 compartment for bottle. I breastfeed my baby most of the time so wont be using the bottle section that much. I have been using the 2 insulated bottle pocket on each side to input some of most frequent use items like pacifier as it is easier to grab.




Check out the side view, isn't it just pretty and chic? The golden zip gave a nice contrast to the black faux leather material.Owh ya.. it also come with an adjustable strap & non-slip rolled tote straps. I love to use the tote straps while my my hubby love to use the adjustable strap. Since the bag is in black colour and look gender natural, my hubby do not hesitate to help me carry it around sometime. Imagine if my diaper bag is in pink, surely it will be a different case… hahaha



Apart from all that, one of the reason why I love this diaper bag is that its functionality.It comes with 12 pockets, including 4 interior pockets! This helps me to organise and arrange all items neatly. Which resulting a quick way to get the things I wanted to grab. When you have a crying baby in your arm, all you need is speed to get the exact things she wanted to calm her down as soon as possible. Sometime, I felt like I am on a TV Game show where the clock is ticking and I have to race against time.. hahaha

As you can see from the above picture, Chelsea Satchel diaper bag also comes with studded feet. This will help to keep the bag clean and off the ground. Neat huh?





One of my most favourite feature of this bag is that, it also comes with this cushioned changing pad or you might also known it for changing mat. It have a specific compartment at the back of the bag and I found it super useful. You know when you are travelling or outside of your home and your baby need her diaper to be replace, the last thing you want is to simply lay your baby on top of anything.

I am trying to avoid doing so, as baby’s immune system is still building up and God knows what kind of germs are laying around those areas. With this changing mat, it gave me the sense of relieve. I know and understand that I cant be protecting her all the time from every single thing. At least, I am trying my very best to reduce the amount of contact with bacteria and all that nasty stuff that she might have by exposing her body directly to an unknown surface.

P/s: This bag is currently retailing at RM389.00 (Trust me the quality justify the price) and you may get it from Bloom & Grow retailers.

So ya, thats about it.Thank you for reading my humble post and what do you think of this diaper bag? Cantik tak?


  1. Assalamualaikum illy, bestnya sofia jalan2. ehh beg lawa, boleh tahan mahal. hehehe macam2 benda nak kena bawa bila keluar dengan baby kan. hihihiii

    1. Walaikumusalam Sheila :) Dia memang suka jer jalan2 <3

      A ah beg ni illy suka cantik and practical, berbaloi beli sebab quality dia bagus :)

      memang bawak macam2 risau jer kalau ade keperluan baby tertinggal ke ape.. itu yang semua nak angkut <3

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  3. My girlfriend carries everything in it. It is very handy. Beware of a few other bags that look the same but are cheaper, they do not have the same quality.

  4. this diaper bag is in fashion, too.

  5. this bag loook convenience for mothers and even father too

  6. This is one fashionable diaper bag...even the Papa would look great carrying it ^-^


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