Za Autumn/Winter 2014 & Za Men Launch Event


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Today, I would like to share with you about new product launch by ZA. Well, this time around they come out with not 1, not 2 but 4 new products for us to try and experience! This time around they also introducing a skincare range for men. Ya.. not only ladies have to take care, at this time of age even guys have to take care and pamper themselves. After all, better looking skin will give you a boost of confidence and now even man knows the important of taking care of your own skin.

Anyway, the event was held couple of weeks ago at TGV Indulge, One Utama Shopping Centre. Have you been to TGV Indulge? If you don’t go and try it. The seat is super comfy and each person were also equipped with a nice smooth purple blanket to make the whole experience extra comfy!


When I first arrived, I lingered around at the lounge area where all the new products for Za Autumn/Winter 2014 & Za Men were displayed. I have close encountered with the products and yes.. Beauty products always gets me excited! After most of the guest arrived, we were then ushered into the stylo looking hall. The MC of the day is DJ, model and TV host Patricia Knudsen.

2014-07-17 11.45.57


So are your curious of what are the products launch? Drum roll… They introduce us to their all new 24 hours, waterproof and smudge proof Gel Eyeliner ( Maybe I’ll try to do a review on this as this eyeliner really tickle my fancy). Then were were also introduced to the all-new Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation which comes is a water base formula. Haven't got the chance to try this one yet but I am quite curious as this time around it is water base). Apart from that they have new sisters for the anti-aging range, which is Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum. What makes this serum special is that it is both whitening and anti-aging in just one bottle.


2014-07-17 11.35.55

Za 001Za 002

Za 005

William San, Jeffrey Cheng and some chunky hot guys model posing at the Za Men skin care line. ZA aiming to give power to every Asian man by resolving skin concerns and giving them the confidence they deserved.

The Za Men cleansers consist of Ultimate Recharge Deep Cleansing Scrub for fatigue skin, Ultimate Moist Deep Cleansing Gel for dry skin and Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Cleanser for oily skin. To compliment the cleansers, the Za Men also consists of the Ultimate Recharge Energizing Gel Moisturizer which provides up to 24 hours of hydration and protects skin from pollution and Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control. Gel which absorbs excess sebum on skin and leaves skin fresh and silky after use.


Prices as per below :

Za Men Ultimate Recharge Deep Cleansing Scrub, RM16.90

Za Men Ultimate Moist Deep Cleansing Gel, RM16.90

Za Men Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Cleanser, RM16.90

Za Men Ultimate Recharge Energizing Gel Moisturizer, RM26.90

Za Men Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Gel, RM26.90

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation, RM37.90

Za Gel Eyeliner, RM26.90

Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum, RM59.90


Products will only be available from 15 August onwards. Will share more details soon Smile


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