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I am back and this time around with NARS Summer Collection again! Yup, it is so much fun playing around with NARS make up, I created another look using the collection. Do you have any plan for going out? Like maybe a special occasion, buka puasa reunion or friends wedding?  If you do, then hope you enjoy this post and my creation of NARS funky summer look.

As per earlier post, I have this stunning Tropical Princess Duo as well as Baablek eye paint. There are endless possibilities when it comes to make  up especially when the colour is pigmented and the texture is smooth.




If you can see here, the colours are just so pretty. I tried using the icy lilac for base and to bright up inner corner of my eye as well as to give a lil dimension under my eye. It work wonders! Anyway,lets cut the chase and get down to business shall we?

BRACE YOURSELF, as you going to see ‘au de natural face and giant pores during this process.


This is my before picture. I am using NARS Pure Tinted Moisturizer in St.Moritz Medium 1 and NARS Powder Foundation in Punjab Medium 1 in here. You may read my review about these two products by clicking below.

Link :

Link :




Step 1 : Spread Icy Lavender (Tropical Princess Duo) all over your eyelid and make like a line below your eyelid and blend it.

Step 2 : Apply Baablek at the outer corner of your eye and blend it evenly. If you want more dramatic look, you can layer the Baablek eye paint for greater intensity.

Step 3 : Take a small eye shadow brush and apply Neon Lime (Tropical Princess Duo) at the inner corner of your eye and blend it toward the center of your eyelid.

Step 4 : Put on an eyeliner, your favourite mascara (would recommend volumizing type like NARS volumizing mascara for this look) a dash of blusher and your favourite lipstick. If you going for occasion during the day maybe can opt for lighter shade of lipstick to tone it down. I decided to go all out an put on a fuchsia base lipstick on!


P/s: I have also done a review about the gorgeous mascara by NARS, just incase you want to read it, check out the link below.

Link :



There you go.. Ta..Da…….

Tell me what you think? Have you tried NARS product before? which is your favourite?


Try it for yourself and have fun! *wink wink*



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