Olla everyone!

Hope that it is not too late to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR. Almost everyone I know love new year. Well that is not NEWS. Hahaha What I personally love about new year is the sense of new hope, new chapter, new book that it gave. I felt that I am blessed enough to be given a chance by Allah to craft another page of my life journey.

In order to know what you have achieved, first you need to set your own goal. C’mon it is 2015 already.. pretty sure all of you have been doing this “goal writing thingy” ever since years n years ago. Being a “list person”, I tend to write everything that I want to achieve. As small as things to do today, groceries list, wish list to a life changing decision like where shall I project our family and life goal.

It is very important to me to write things on a paper (ya.. I am traditional like that.. I am a TREE KILLER) Okay la, I also have this apps I downloaded and I found it very useful to track my “things to do”. Name of the app is Jorte. (This is non-sponsored post k? I am just giving a shout out because the apps is actually useful and incase you are looking for more tree-friendly option).

The feeling of crossing things of my list give me a boost of motivation to cross more and more.. it is very addictive and at the same time helps to keep you motivated. What about you? Do you love crossing things out of your list?

Other than that, I also decided to clean up my mind and be very selective of things that get into it. For example, I would prefer to get more positive input rather than negative one. As negative aura can affect you mentally and physically. How do I plan to do this? First thing first. CLEAN UP MY FB TIMELINE.

Personally think that my current timeline are not so encouraging. So, decided to follow lots of inspiring positive, successful and humble people. With the hope that my timeline will have more positive info and love. So what to do when you have friends who tend to post naggy whiny stuff…okay la it is normal to break loose when you are emotionally unstable but to constantly put up negative (read = attention seeking) is so emotionally draining.. not just to the person who post it out but also to those who accidently reading it just because it happen to be on their timeline.

I am guilty of this as well, will try my very best to inspire by posting more informative and positive stuff on my timeline. We all have those friends who mistaken fb with twitter, please be honest here.. 10 update within 1 hour is just clutter. What to do? Well, I’ll just click the “hide this” from my timeline. Done! Back to being happy! Hahahaha

Just realise this is my first post for 2015 and no picture in it.. hahahaha  Anyway thanks for reading my post. I hope it helps to give you some ideas on how to get more focus in achieving your dream! Lots of love and I hope 2015 will bring you lots of beautiful memories Smile 


  1. happy new year gorgeous mummy! hope you have a great year ahead! bila nak jumpa sofea ni?? comel sgt!!

    1. Happy New Year beautiful mummy! Hope you have awesome year as well :) hehhee... Nanti jumpa next event ke kan insya Allah <3 arigato

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  3. hope you are having a great year :) never knew to clean the time line part :) hehehe :)

  4. Now i just realise that timeline can be clean it

  5. yeah, positive infor bring positive energy to us will lead us to positive life ++++++

  6. I just realise that timeline can be clean it

  7. new year changer the new TIMELINE


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