Our “year end” mini vacation of 2014


2014-12-21 12.20.34


Olla everyone!

Hope everything is going great at y our end and the first week of new year have been a blast for you and your family. How do you celebrate your new year? I remembered last time when I was younger… I used to feel very excited when ever new year come. I love to watch the fireworks and I think it is one of the most beautiful thing. Now that I am slightly “ancient” it does not excite it as much anymore. To be frank I am kinda scared that my daughter would end up crying everytime the fire work sparks. Yes, we are staying on the 20th floor and very near to Ikano.. So, I am nervous T.T

Good thing is, my daughter did not affected much by the sounds of the fireworks. FUHhhhh.. Thank God she inherited the I-dont-hear-a-thing-when-I-sleep genes.. Weehoo!!

Anyway, I was on leave from my full time work from 22 Dec up till new year because I need to clear off my leave. So grateful that my dad is kind enough to “belanja” our little family to spend 3D2N at Swiss Garden Residences in Kuala Lumpur. Basically, on 21 Dec we planned to go for my blogger friend wedding. We went to check in right after the wedding.


2014-12-21 12.21.08

You see sofea? thats what happen behind the scene everytime! She likes to pull my tudung.

2014-12-21 12.21.52

She also likes to hug anything infront of her.. n yes, even the head rest. She even tried to bite off the car seat and her lil hand is caught red handed. busted!


2014-12-21 12.22.07

My sis  Faten is on leave at that time, and she did not follow my father for his trip to Sarawak. She sleep over at our place on that day and we spend a day lepaking such. Thank you so much tolong tengok2 kan sofea Smile  hugs!

2014-12-21 12.47.33

Decided to wear matching outfit. Johan trying to look like Hang Tuah with his red baju melayu and long hair, mummy wore red embroidery blouse with matching red silk scraft and my fluffy long skirt in cream , while sofea wore her cream  dress with some red polkadots. Picture snap by my sis Faten Smile 

P/s: sebelum kena membebel dgn geng2 hardcore baby wearing.. yes, my hubby pasang foward facing for sofea sebab nak tangkap gambar kejap. We hardly use forward facing.. As we tend to feel more comfortable with inwards facing.

Anyway congrats to Sabby and hubby for your wedding! Semoga berbahagia hingga akhir nyawa. Terima kasih sudi jemput kami. To blogger friends yang jumpa aritu, so happy jumpa korang!! expecially sabrina tajuddin.. you are one of the first blogger friends I had and glad to meet you up again.. sorry tak sempat nak borak lama.. sakan bergambar pastu melayan anak.. next time borak lagi k? Smile  Illy pun happy juga jumpa ayna and glad to see her with preggo mamma glow.. cantik!!



Basically, after the wedding kitorang directly went to check in. The process of check in took longer than what we normally encountered with other hotels. Then again, maybe because it is school holiday so it is a peak period. The room is HUGE, I mean for such a central location I am expecting for just a sweet small room. Good to see that the room is huge and it also come with a deluxe size of refrigerator instead of the mini fridge. Why it is a big deal for me? Because I try my very best to ensure that Sofea consume the food that I prepared for her. Felt relieved when I saw the fridge Smile with tongue out  So excited, forgot to snap picture of the whole place before we messed it up.. hahaha..


That is my sis Faten with Sofea. Luckily we enjoy the pool on the first day because it was raining for the next 2 days. Pheww… talk about right timing.. Sofea had a great fun swimming and mummy had a great time munching on tid bits.
Cant really recall what I ordered. I think some nachos and orange juice. The NACHOS is actually quite yummy and full-filling. Look at the dressing there. Great amount of chopped tomatoes and generous scoop of cheesy dippings. The milk bottle on the left corner is for Sofea.. obviously hahaha

Swimming time! :)

A video posted by @illyariffin on

This is one of my favourite video of Sofea! She is happily swimming thanks to the neck float. If you are wondering, I got the neck float from lazada cost me around rm20 plus.. cant really recall the exact amount but it is very worth it in my opinion.



My sister left that night. So it is only Johan, sofea and me. We just laze around and relax. Watch some movies and go to sleep early. The next morning we went down to enjoy our breakfast buffet! I dont know about you.. but for my hubby and I have the same opinion.. we tend to to treat buffet breakfast as the best part about staying in a hotel.. yum yum!


Sofea get to taste papaya for the first time in her life. From the look on her face, I think she is loving it. hahaha.. jangan nak khusyuk sangat makan tu. 


Dont be fool by this picture. Nampak macam ambik sikit2.. Johan and I take turn to indulge and trust me we eaten kaw2 which we were full up till evening.. hahaha dah ada kan? tak baik membazir yer tak? ada selera makan jer la kannn

On the second day, we basically laze around again. Take it like a hibernation mode. We did nothing but lepak eat n sleep. Towards late in the evening, my sis come back to visit us and we decided to have dinner in Bukit Bintang. Wait actually my brother did come and drop by as well.. he was in the mist of his finals and all that so basically he is buzy but kind enough to pay us a visit. hugs!



Check out her chubby cheek!! hahaha.. I was actually trying to snap an “artistic” picture of our shoes and this lil girl come to block my camera. haha..



mummy, y you snap the shoes? take my picture la please Smile with tongue out 



So that is how we spend our mini year end vacation. Simply enjoying food and laze around all day. Felt recharged! and most of all appreciate the quality time we had together. Thanks for reading this up. Hope you have a great day ahead fill with laughter and endless smile Smile



* I am not paid to write this review. This is a personal trip. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. I'm so happy to meet you too and at LAST! I get to cium that chubby pumpkin adowable cheeks of sofea! Aaa! Aunty Ina miss you already!

    1. ehehehehe :) kitorang ni smeua tunggu "kad" dari u ni.. semoga depermudahkan semua nyaaa AMINNN... nanti bole jalan johor plak visit :)

  2. It's nice seeing u & baby Sofea too Illy, both of you looks so adorable together, comel !!! <3 <3 <3

    1. cant wait for our next lepak session babe :) nak gosok2 your tummy hahaha

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  4. baby sofea sure looks happy playing in the pool :) family holidays is such great fun :)

  5. Nice blog ,sharing much of review for product and place
    Loving it

  6. I can't get enough of cute baby Sofea ^-^

  7. frankly, very happy to see your happy family photo, especially all in red theme.

  8. cutie sofea look like you illy pretty


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