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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Are you a fan of Trolls? If you are then I have a good news to share with you today. Do you know that you may collect Trolls Magnet Collection from 7-Eleven? Let me share with you on how can do so.

For the Trolls Magnet Redemption, you will get to redeem (1) Free Trolls Magnet once you collected 12 stickers. Each time that you spend a minimum RM5 purchase from 7-Eleven you will be entitled to get (1) sticker.

There is also way to gain Trolls Bonus Sticker!! If you purchase any of the partner product within your RM5 minimum purchase (in a single receipt) then you will get a bonus sticker. Meaning, by normal method you will get (1) one sticker but if within the same receipt you purchase any of the partner product then you will get (2) two sticker instead. You may check out the banner below for the partner products or you may also go to this link to check the full list. (bit.ly/TrollsPartnerProducts)

Trolls_Poster_2 (1)

So, once you collect the sticker where to paste it? Don’t worry about it as you can get the Trolls Collector’s Card from your nearest 7-Eleven or you may also print it by downloading the card from this link (bit.ly/TrollsCollectorsCard)


I have 5 designs here with me and they are so cute, cheeky and adorable, would be a nice addition to your fridge.






Once you collected the magnets.. you can actually win more!! You may join the Show Your Trolls Colour contest and  be in the running to win amazing prizes such as :-

  • GoPro Hero 4 + Trolls Fashion Twins Style Pack x 3 units

  • Talkin’ Troll 14” Plush Doll x 10 units

  • Trolls Collectible Figure x 40 units


Very easy to join as it take only 3 simple steps :- 

Step 1: Snap a photo of yourself dressed as your favourite Trolls character.

Step 2: Collage your photo with your Trolls magnet redeemed from 7-Eleven Malaysia.

*One (1) Trolls magnet can only be used for one (1) entry. For bonus entry, get the weekly code from: (https://www.facebook.com/SweetSpotMalaysia)

Step 3: Submit entries to (bit.ly/7E-SYTC) to stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

Contest Period: 13 September – 7 November 2016

All the best!!


Thank you for reading this post up, hope you find it informative and interesting expecially if you are a fan of Trolls! I wish I could win the GoPro Hero 4, that would be so awesome hehe.. That’s it for today… As usual, dont forget to take it easy and smile!!


  1. comel nya ni movie baru ke trolls ni?

  2. Do you sell your trolls collection?..I'm interested to buy..

    1. I can if you want to 😊 let me know your price can email me at illy.ariffin@gmail.com thanks!


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