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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

One of the thing that makes me love being a malaysian is that we tend to enjoy so many festive holidays because our nation are so multicultural. We share the happiness, we went to open houses to visit our family, friends and we bond in a such beautiful way. If you are looking for present to buy for your friends that celebrate christmas or you want to enjoy a special festive collection from Crabtree & Evelyn then I have good news for you!!

Couple of week ago, trully yours was invited for Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Collection Preview before it even hit the market. The event was located at Ritz Carlton, KL. As I step in to the area, I am very pleased with the whole setup. The smell of the room, the decor was just stunning.

I bet many of you would be anticipating what Crabtree & Evelyn have in store for us this season. Well, you wont be disapointed as sooo many interesting stuff from home fragrance, to personal care to gift boxes to travel sets and even cookies! Do you know that Cabtree & Evelyn cookies contain no preservative, artifical colouring and this round they introduce a limited edition flavours. Yeay!!




We start of with the Food Collection, you may bump into All Butter Christmas Pudding that came in a beautiful tin jar and there are 3 festive flavours to pick from. All Butter Christmas Pudding Biscuits, All Butter Spced Ginger Biscuits and All Butter Dark Chocolate Chunk & Hazelnut Biscuits. A jar of 150gram cost RM60. If you want to tried out all of the 3 flavours then you may opt for the All Butter Festive Biscuit Trio that contained 100gam for each flavour for RM120. It also can in a nice packaging that make it presentable as a gift. They also came out with Festive Spiced Tea, Collectable Design Tin.


Here you can see the Bath & Body Duo Sets that contained a full sze Body Wash and Body Lotion for you to enjoy. As for the selections, you will be spoilt with choices. There are Pear & Pink Magnolia Set, JoJoba Oil, Rosewater, Summer Hill, and many more. My recommendation is to go for Rose Pineapple if you are into a sweet combination of fruits and flowers. Each of the Bath & Body Duo gift Set range from RM 150 to RM170.



I just have to confess that I have always been waiting for this season becasue of the Hand Care Collections hahaha.. I just love their hand cream range and during this season I can stock up hand cream. It is also a nice gift for friends at office. You see you can get the Deluxe Hand Therapy Collection that contained 12 units of hand cream (25gram each) forthe cost of RM 218. You can get 12 of your friends to pick which flavour they like as a gift. I think it is a very worthy set. There is also the Hand Care Trio Gift Boxes that include Rose Pineapple, Festive Fig and Spiced Earl Grey hand cream for the cost of RM90. On top of that you can check out the hand cream give boxes where you will have two option to pick fromthe range of Fuits & Botanicals or the Floral gift box. Each costing RM 168 for 6 units of hand cream.



The other products that caught my attention was this Festive Fig Home Fragrance. You can use it to mist table linen, or spray at your curtain t omake your home smell warm and nice! The fruity blend of ripe fig, damson plum, resinous woods and winter flowers will bring a festive mood into your home. Cabtree & Evelyn also came out with Home Fragranced Porcelain Diffuser or candles. Dont forget to drop by the nearest Cabtree & Evelyn outlet as the whole collection will be on the shelf by 9 Nov 2016 onwards.  From my personal experience, you might want to be quick as they tend to fly off the shelves in a blink haha


Taaaa daaa…… Meet my bestie Ayna. I dont think I need to introduce her anymore as she is one of the familiar faces in my blog and my life. Always happy to meet and spend time with her at events. 


We learned to make triffle at the event. Yes, you can make triffle and it is super duper easy. All you need is some pudding, fruits and to give it a nice kick do use All Butter Cookies range by Cabtree & Evelyn. Just layer them as you like in a glass container and you are ready to go. I think it is a nice food to make for pot luck or year end party. Not only it looks cute it also make a yummy dessert.


We were also pampered with a hand massage using the festive collection range. This session makes Rose Pineapple hand cream a must have for me LOL By the way, if you drop by at Cabtree & Evelyn outlet they also have this service where you can try the hand cream range. Dont blame me if you fall in love, as you have been warned hehehe



I also meet Kelly Chin and Rane Chin at the event. After many years knowing them, I just noticed two of the beautiful ladies have the same surname!! haha comel lah you both. No wonder both also cantik, sweet and friendly. Overall, I had a great time at the event, getting to know the latest products by Crabtree & Evelyn also mingling with blogger friends, media friends, and also pr friends. To me it felt like a open house already.

So ya, I hope you like this post. Thank you for spending your time reading this up. Always appreciate the kind support towards my humble blog and as always I will try my best to share with you my latest discoveries. Till next time, dont forget to take it easy and smile!!


  1. I just noticed their similar surname too, lol =D I had fun hanging out with you too babe, let's have another high tea session soon <3

    1. i know right, i baru perasan hahaha :) n yes looking forward for that jom!!!! <3

  2. kak illy dan massage mg tk blh dipisahkan

    1. hehehehe guilty pleasure <3 thank you liz sudi singgah kat blog i <3 hug!

  3. lotion dia mmg best
    tpi quite mahal for me
    kalau org bg best la...

    1. alia, kalau time promo ni yg 12 lotion tu jatuh rm18 jer satu :P hehehe jimat2 <3


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