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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I cant believe how fast 2 months flies and my maternity leave is ending. To celebrate this milestone our family decide to go for a quick gateway at Port Dickson right before I get back to work. It will be the first time Zandria going for a family trip haha.. hopefully we are blessed enough to experience more family time in the future.

We saw this Villa 1638 accomodation at and they offer such a good rate for the place that they are offering. Expecially when we didint do super advance booking like we normally did. This staycation was quite an impromtu trip. I mean we get a nice Private Suite Room for RM249 a night. The check in time was at 3pmand we arrived around 30mins earlier. The staff are nice enough to let us check in despite being slightly early.


It is not that hard to find this place, you can easily use google map or waze. The landmark work be a petrol station (Exonmobile if I’m not mistaken) then just take the right turning if you are from kl. As we check in RM200 deposit were required, which is very normal for any other hotel.




There are many types of room here and they even have a duplex if you are coming with a bigger family. We love the private room suite very much. It is super spacious as you can tell. Come with a nice living area, a comfy bed and also bathroom. I like the attention to details that this room come with. They even provide a drying rack. I mean going to any vacation, kids will end up reusing their swimming suits and it is good to have a drying rack. So that it could atleast dry up abit before the next swim session. You could also request for a baby cot or extra matress for a small fee.  Completely forgotten to snap the picture of the bed, but you can check them out in the vlog video towards the end of this blogpost.


This is the refreshing welcome drink. Nyum!



A glimpse of the bed where my daughter Sofea had enjoyed nicely as you can see haha


We spent around two hours just hanging around, enjoying the room, watch some tv before going out to look for tea time snack. We are very happy to stay a lower ground as it is easy access to the beautiful swimming pool right across our room.



Decided to drive to Pantai Klebang and check out the beach. They have many food stall around here. Also, if you didnt bring your swimming suit, can also buy them from the shop nearby.



Look at that!! This cendol cost us only RM2 and the taste is very satisfying. Found out that those cendol were actually handmade.  We also ordered coconut shake with ice cream and mee soup and laska . The coconot ice cream cost RM4, the mee soup is RM5 and the laksa cost RM4.50 . Affordable, good portion and yummy.




RIght after our tummy is happy, we went straight to the beach. Sofea love the beach as much as my husband and I. We hope that Zandria would love the beach too.. It is actually Zandria first time ever being at the beach. Hahaha being a 2 months old baby, there are many first time. Glad that we have the moments documented in this blog. P/s: please excuse my shirtless botak husband


Moments like this are the one reminding me how beautiful live really is. Being able to watch my husband and my two daugthers having fun. How I should be very grateful. Sorry lah, I can be sooo jiwang sometime.


After a beautiful evening at the beach, we went back for another quick dip at Villa1638 swimming pool. That is my husband trying his best to look cool hahaha How? can a cover album or not?




What is beach staycation without seafood right? Staying true to the spirit we had seafood lunch for dinner. We saw a sign board outside The Grand Beach Resort that Grand Haji Shahrin Low Restaurant is having a promo. RM28 for a fish head dish.

We are looking for a comfortable place to have a nice dinner and glad to bump into this restaurant. We tried Hj Shahrin Low restaurant in Kota Damansara before and I have a feeling they could be somehow a related chain.  The restaurant owner address himself as Atuk to Sofea and he is such a warm and nice guy.

He suggested for us to try out terung salted egg and glad we took his suggestion because it is one of thebest brinjal dish I have ever tasted. We also ordered buttered soft shell crap and the main of the day is the fish head dish. There are many ways you can enjoy the fish head,we decided to go for teo chew steam style. It comes with toufu, mushroom (sofea’s favourite) and capsicum, ginger and also I saw some scallion leaves. The bill comes up to RM99.50 however the owner gave us discount and we paid RM95 for such an awesome dinner.




After a good night sleep, we felt rejuvenated. We enjoyed another round of swim session right after breakfast. Villa 1638 provide a simple breakfast for guest. They serve coffee, tea, bean soup and bread with jam. Before checking out, we went for a simple photo taking session just to have fun and to enjoy the surrounding.






To wrap up our staycation, we went for another round of seafood for lunch before going back to KL. The name of the place is Seafood Restaurant Muhibbah. Another chinese muslim food restaurant here in PD. You can easily spot this restaurant on the left towards the road to Pantai Klebang. It turn out to be a good choice to eat at this restaurant as the sun is blazing merciless on that noon. Bringing a 2months old baby, her comfort is our uttermost priority. This restaurant is indoor and have aircond. Zandria have been so coorperating towards the whole trip and she actually slept the whole time during our lunch haha.. My husband, myself and Sofea get to enjoy super yummy seafood lunch. Totally an awesome situation. If you have ever raise a newborn or be around one, you will get what I mean.

Owh ya, we ordered petai prawn, kam heong mud crab and toufu with mushroom for lunch. The toufu is ordered because of Sofea. The only dish she can have since the rest a spicy. We enjoyed the meal very much expecially the kam heong mud crab. So fresh and flavourful. The total is around RM130.



We are at the end of this blogpost. Our family had a great time spending time together creating memories. Genuinely hope that this post inspire you to spend time with your family too. Hope you find this post beneficial if you are looking for an idea on where to stay and what to eat if you are planning to come down to Port Dickson anytime soon. Because we had great time at Villa 1638, my husband and I decided to host a giveaway at our own personal cost, so you can experience it with your family tooo!! YES you are right.

We are giving away 2D1N stay at Private

Room Suite Villa 1638 Port Dickson.

All you need to do :

1) Go to my fb page (Click here) and look for the post about this staycation.

2) Share it on your wall (make sure it is public).

3) Tag 2 friends in the comment section of the fb post.

4) subscribe to our youtube channel (Click here) 


1) Contest will run from today 12 Mar up till 31 Mar 2017.

2) Winner will be chosen randomly via raflecopter system.

3) Winner will get 2D1N stay at Private Suite Room Villa 1638. This does not include, food, deposit or transportation.

All the best!


  1. Wahhhhh! Bestnyaaaa~ villa tu pun cantikk.. seronok sofea dgn adik ye jalan2..

  2. Replies
    1. yeay!! thank you for joining Yuki <3 appreciated

  3. The place looks lovely and of course all the foods too, hehe =P

    1. memang best ayna :) kalau buat gathering pun best!! <3 thank you sebab visit blog illy and always bagi support. love you alot!! <3

  4. Wow..bestnya..dah jOin..hrp ada rezeki saya..

  5. Cantik jugak Villa ni. Teringing nak book CNY time...but fully booked for the bigger villa.
    The above assam laksa I love it... meleleh air liur tengok...hehe...


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