Cutest Lip Balm by Softlips Cube Mentholatum |Review|

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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Owh how I miss writing beauty review, it have been awhile. Kicking it back by sharing with you this cutest lip balm ever by Softlips Mentholatum. It is not a news that Mentholatum have came up with all soft of lip care you can think off. You might know their famous sister the Lip Ice. Metholatum have came up with so many lip care range from the glitter one, to the one with pearl extract and many more. It is easier to said that they are the expert when it comes to lipcare.

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Well, not too long ago they came up with Softlips Cube range which is actually a 5 in 1 lip care. what does the 5 in 1 mean? It actually mean that this Softlips Cube helps to hydrate,replenish,smoothes, protect and add shine. The formulation also include Shea Butter, Vitamin A,C & E.

The one that I got here came with Strawberry (red cover) and mint (green cover) infused flavour. Not only they smell yummilicious but this tiny balm also work as a lip protectant because it contained SPF15. If you accidently lip your lips, it taste great with a lil sugary taste.

I personally like them because they are just soooo cute in nature. Like, come on! Look at them hahaha.. Found out that they have a Hello Kitty version in Japan. I know right? Would it be nice to have those in here too..  I also favour them because of the hemisphere shape makes the application easier. Being small enough to be slot into my purse is another plus point.

This Softlips Cube is retailing at RM18.90 and you can get them from drugstore nearby such as Watson or Guardian. To be blunt, one cube can last you for many months it could even last you a year depending on your application.

If you are planning to go for a vacation somewhere cold with the potential of getting chapped lips, then I would totally suggest for you to bring this baby with you. Even if we stay in humid climate it is best to take care of our lips to make lipstick application easier. 

Alright then, we are at the end of this post. I hope you like this review. I’ll try my best to write more beauty review like I used too k? Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile.


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