SS20 Fish Head Noodle Restaurant Damansara Kim

SS20 Fish Head Noodle Restaurant

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Before I start this post, do take a moment to enjoy the yummylicious pic of the fish head noodle. I have tried quite numerous fish head noodle and this one is special because I event take time to write about it. I cant believe I never went to try this shop earlier even it is actually less than 15mins from my house. Well, I am glad I finally did haha..

So went with my little family, we went to the shoplot instead of the gerai. They have 2 outlet, I think they must have started a gerai before getting the shoplot. I decided to go to the shoplot because I am bringing my 2 daughter. Plus it will be more comfortable.

In the pic above is the deal I picked, Soong Fish with fine mee hoon cost RM12.80 my husband took this one below Haruan Fish with Lai Fun RM 15.50 we both add in milk to the soup. what is fish head noodle with out the the milky soup right? 

SS20 Fish Head Noodle Restaurant

Since this is our first time at this shop, we are very please to see that the portion is big. I actually think it is good enough for 2 pax since the bowl is big. However, both my husband and I slurp our soup to the last drip even when the portion is big. haha.. There a around 4 to 5 big chunks of fish inside the soup. We really enjoy the meal. I normally will ask for sambal belacan or cili padi but this time the soup is so yummy that I didnt even ask for any. It is just good on its own. The fish is tender, the soup is warm and full of flavour. I also like that they have those pickled cabbage inside the soup that makes the taste blended nicely.

SS20 Fish Head Noodle Restaurant

We also ordered this Spinach soup with fish paste. Again it is fully loaded. I like the broth very much. Next time, I am considering to take away this meal to bring home and eat with rice when ever I have no idea on what ot cook. My daughter Sofea like the fish paste alot. Chunky and succulent at the same time.

SS20 Fish Head Noodle Restaurant

SS20 Fish Head Noodle Restaurant

Incase you want to see the glimpse of the menu. They have dessert tooo! Talking about dessert, we ordered ABC and it is also very yummy. Not too sweet, the gula melaka used is just nice. A perfect way to end our meal. I have a hard time trying to snap the picture of this ABC, you see the blur hand on the top left? that is my daughter hand haha she cant wait to try out the ABC. Lucky my husband is around to guard my ABC. Anyway, I would like to try out their soya jelly with cendol the next round we come here.

SS20 Fish Head Noodle Restaurant

Okay lah that’s it for this blogpost. Below is their add, easier for you to navigate, land mark would be infront of Glo Mall. also near to KPJ Damansara.


Open from 10am till 10pm. Also like to be blunt that we are not paid to write this review. This is our personal makan trip with family. Hope you find it helpful somehow. Thank you for reading this up. Have a good day!


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