Birthday Staycation at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

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Assalamualaikum and OIla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are doing great. Today, I would like to share my birthday staycation experience at Le Meridien. Before I proceed with this, I would like to thank my sister Faten for taking care both of my daughters during the weekend. Love you!!

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur is located just beside KL Sentral which is a very convinient place with all kind of access. Also, Nu Sentral shopping complex is just within walkable distance. However didnt really go out of the hotel much because my husband and I decided to have a lay back chillax time at the hotel.


As we park go to the lobby area this is the main entrace to the reception. As you might have known Hilton and Le Meridien are sort of sisters under the Starwood Group.  The lobby are modern and sleek design but I didnt take a picture of it. LOL was too excited forgot to snap the picture. Anyway, the check in was smooth. Got our access card and was soooo happy when we found out that our room are located at the TOP floor at 35th Floor.


The view from the 35th floor is just jaw dropping!

As we check in we found out that our room do not have a bathtub what a bummer!! So, my husband called the reception to request for another room. Reception was so nice to facilitate our request and we move to level 31 to our new room. Not a bad move at all. The new room is somehow spacious compared to the first room we got.

Taaa daaaa… I still remember how comfy the bed was. The room is spacious and clean. Just how a hotel room should be. The amenities are good as well. They have weight scale in the bathroom (my husband finally found out he gained 12kg after my second daughter was born LOL). They also have comfy sofa chair, a working station, safety box, steam iron and bath robe.


Here are the kind of services offered to us for a Club Lounge Guest. If you are a Platinum Plus Member for SPG (Starwood Preffered Guest)  then you are also entitled for the services. What I like the most is the cocktail session and also the free garment pressing (a fancy name for the service to iron your clothes).



Look at that view!! I enjoyed a good time soaking in the bath tub while enjoying the view. It is a good place to rethink of your priorities in life. Mentally turned my self into a Philanthropist during the session. LOL Talk about day dreaming huh? Well, no harm in dreaming big, who knows it might come true.


Dont know if this going to be helpful, but ya.. they have an automatic waste chamber.


I rarely compliment bathroom amenities because they tend to be generic and not worth to mention. However, I actually like the peppermint shampoo and the cilantro hair conditioner a  lot. If only I know where to puchase them. I really dont mind using them at home.


This is the entrance to the Club Lounge, fancy right? It is located at level 33. If you are a Platinum Plus Club member then you are entitled to enjoy the facilities for grantis. They actually serve breakfast and also cocktail here for club member. You can bring in additional guest for a fee. If you bring in a non-membered guest it will cost RM70 for breakfast. I was told that that the spread at the main restaurant was even more compared to the breakfast here at club lounge so you might put that into consideration. But if you would like some quiet time with lesser crowd then having breakfast at the Club Lounge is also not a bad of an idea. For evening cocktail it will cost RM120.


Is it just me? Because I really dig a space with high ceiling. I think they are lovely.


Fancy glass for a latte. All kind of drinks are sort of free flow. They also have juices, soda and almost anything under the sky.



My husband and I enjoyed the cocktail very much. They have noodles station, few types of dishes like barbeque chicken, deep fried squid and prawn, and nachos. Dessert range from blueberry cheesecake, strawberry short cake and fruit salad. Our tummy was very full after the cocktail that we end up skipping dinner. Impressive line up for cocktail, I must say as the rest of other places that we have been to normally only serve canapes during cocktail.

The stay was indeed lovely. I would also like to mention that this hotel is breastfeeding friendly. You know as a lactitating mum, I need to pump every couple of hours then hotel staff are kind enough to collect my milk to be stored in Hotel’s freezer. They actually came more than 3 times to our room to collect all the milk that I pumped. Thanks for the extra mile. My husband and I really appreciate it.

It is a weekend well spent at Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur. If you have the budget to indulge, I would totally recommend for you to consider a stay here. Hopefully, you will leave the place feeling rejuvenated and happy like we did. Anyway, that’s it for today. I hope you find our experience helpful. If you want to check out more of the room surrounding and the amazing view do check out our Vlog below, since you are at it, dont forget to subscribe as we will bring you along to our next adventure!



  1. Wahh cantiknyaaa... kan? I adore the latte glass so much. Kena carik nih! Haha... Jemput Singgah: JJCM: Restoran Nasi Arab Taif

    1. Tu laaa i pun suka comel jer, letak air kosong pun nampak sedap 😂😂😂 anyway thanks for visiting my blog

  2. having your bath while enjoying the view sounds like a perfect way to spoil yourself, hehe =P glad you and johan had a blast, welcome to the 30's club =)

    1. We should do this together. Jom gi staycation! 😍😘😘😘 n thanks for the wish babe.

  3. Hi Illy, Happy Belated Birthday! Your staycation looks awesome, sounds romantic and relaxing :)

    I've dropped you an E-mail ( pls do check. Hope to hear from you very soon!

    1. Hi 😊 thank you for the kind email. I have replied.

  4. Wah bestnya illy! I bet d shampoo n conditioner mesti bau best gila kannn

    1. Hi Alia! 😊 a ah.. memang best bau dia kepala cam sejuk jer bila pakai peppermint shampoo tu hehe


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