Growing Up and my 4 Main Life Lesson

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone,

Like many out there, there are many things that I want in life. As I grew up I realised that not what I want matters. It is what I need and what I earned. You see I am 30 years old today. Okay fine, it might seem like a suprise that I am 30 years old haha. Dont worry no offense taken, in matter of fact many people I come accross think I’m joking when I reveal my actual age. I really think it is not about how old we look or sounds like. It is how old we felt. You can be 70 years old feeling like a 15 years old or the other way around. It ties back to how you feel and how you feel ties back to how you think.

If you been following my blog then you might have figured out that I am a “LIST” person. I listed my daily goal, my things to do, my short term goal, long term goal, my mission, my vision and I even seperated it in few chapter. Where I have my goal for my personal life, my work life, my relationship and so on.. you’ll get the drift… I remembered writing down things to do on weekend when I was 6 years old. It include finishing my homework, watching cartoon hahaha

Anyway… 7  years ago, when I was 23, I decided to came up with a big list. You can check out the list here if you want Link . It is where I listed all the things I want (around 50++ list, greedy I know haha) at that time and my aim is to cross it all before I turn 30.  Reality hit. I am 30 now.

I managed to complete 60% from my BIG LIST. Do I feel like a failure? No. Why? Because I actually gain even more than what I listed there. In many aspect of life, there are big differences between what we all want, what we need and what we earned. What we want might not be the best for us. What we need tend to be taken for granted even it is given to us. What we earned depending on how much we have work for it.

Anyway, I would like to list down 4 main things that I learned along the way in life. I think it somehow shaped me into having the life im currently having. Let’s start shall we?


Like what Tony Robbins always said “ trade expectation with appreciation and your world will change”. You see I used to feel down when things does not goes my way or when I think I should be treated in certain way but I was not. Thanks to Tony’s advice, I trained myself to appreciate all the things around me. True enough it makes me really happy. The best part of it, the more I appreciate what I currently have, the more of it keep coming.


Giving does not mean it have to be only monetary, it could be advice, time and the most treasured thing to give is love. The more you give out to the world, the more it will heal the better you will feel. I want to dedicate spending my whole life, giving out to as many life as I could in any way that I could.


As much as I wanted to heal the world, I also come across many not very nice people. Yes, I do realise not everyone have the same intention. There are people who come and approach/ be nice to you only when they have agenda. Some just want to use you, no harm in checking out what are the proposal, but do be firm if you think that it does not aligned with your main goal. Instead of proceeding half heartedly, best to focus on what really do matter. Be nice but also be smart. If it is a business deal, do make sure you are clear on what are the task and renumberation involved before proceeding.


I learned to listen to my intuition. Will continue to listen even more. When you are in a position where you need to make decision, bear in mind… the right decision are supposed to make you happy. You will know you make the right decision, because when it happen, you will be able to feel the amount of stress leaving your body.

Louise Evans once said in one of the TedTalk, “We making choices about the behaviour we making into the world. The choices that we made have a direct impact on the conversation that we have, the relationship we formed and the quality of our life”. I completely agreed on this. I think she summarize it very clearly. 

That’s it for today, no nice picture or anything. All words, and thanks for spending your time to read this. I am not saying I am the best person to give advices. You dont have to follow every single thing I listed here. I am just trying my best to share my life experience and point of view within my limited capacity. Like what Vishen Lakhiani from Mind Valley said once, “anyone can make a dent in the universe”. The dent that I might be making could be small compared to others but hey, intention that matters right? My intention is to spread the message out and maybe somehow you put it into consideration before making your own choices in life, if you think they are worthy.

So, will I continue making list? You bet!


  1. I love the Tony Robbins quote! Btw, Happy 30th Birthday babe, to more awesome years to come <3 <3 <3

    1. Glad you felt the same! Tony robbins is sooo inspring 😍 by the way, thanks for being my bestie all these years 💓

  2. Felt the love. thanks for the input and sharing your insight. Been following your blog for many years and will continue doing so as long as I can still read.

    1. Big hug to you! Thanks for visiting my blog, appreciate it very much. Hope we get to meet in the real world one day 😘


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