NUDE AIR Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation by DiorSkin |REVIEW|

Nude Air Dior Serum De Teint Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If anyone asks me what would be one product that you can invest in? I would definitely answer NUDE AIR Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation by DiorSkin in a heart beat. Like seriously, mind you this is not a paid review or sponsored post. I just like to share what really work.

What I love about this product is that the formulation is very light, also that it is actually a serum based foundation. Which explained the glass dropper. This product is borderline skincare or makeup. If you noticed, I have been loving make up product that somehow contains skincare properties because of its added function. Not only you wear the make up it also will help to improve your skin texture.

When you apply this tinted serum/serum foundation it feels very light that my skin felt breathable as if I wear no make up at all. I must be honest that the coverage is not full. The coverage is more towards medium giving you a more natural look. You can actually build up the product. However, if you have a fancy event to go for and would like to cover up blemish then I would suggest to put on concealer at targeted areas instead.

I also love the fact that this product contained plant oils, antioxidants (like cranberry oil and rosemary leaf extract), and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. My skin felt soooo greatly pampered whenever I put them on.

Nude Air Dior Skin Review

In conclusion, this is an evergreen product that I don't mind to purchase over and over again. Just hope that Dior won't be discontinuing this product anytime soon because it will cause a major heart break.

The price point is acceptable. Costing at RM225 per bottle for 30ml. As many serum out there cost more than that even the brand is not under affordable luxury line. The plus point is because this product is a 2in1 where it is a serum and also a foundation. Think of it as buying 2 product instead of 1. Also look at those frosted glass packaging, how can you not fall in love, right?

Just a tip, do shake the product before usage to ensure it is all mixed up before using. Since I noticed the color pigment get settled after awhile. 

Alright, that’s about it. I hope you like this review and that you might find it helpful somehow. Do like my fb page also subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven already. Keep in touch!


  1. i nak try lah lepas ni, i nampak banyak kali kat sephora but tak pernah try lagi

    1. boleh test the sample dulu kat tangan. pastu gi jalan2 dalam mall.. sambil pikir2 :) have fun!

  2. too mahal for me :( teringin nak try

    1. ada banyak lagi jenis foundation even yang drug store pun ada yang bagus. Yang ni best sebab dia ada serum sekali. You can always add some serum to your current foundation to try out. dont worry.. i dulu2 masa mula make up time habis sekolah dapat beli lipstick maybelline seketul dah happy sgt. Itu pun duk menghadap pilih colour setengah jam because i can only afford 1 at that time :)

  3. No wonder your skin looks different, unfortunately I didn't have any luck with Dior's foundation yet =(

    1. glad it works well on me. finding foundation that suit us is like finding soulmate hahaha some that work on you might not work on me since kita semua unique <3 I hope you will found the right one for you asap <3

  4. Tak pernah try lg dis dior serum-fd.
    Will love to try it soon


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