Ever wonder how Pizza’s are being made at Pizza Hut?



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Behold as this post might make your heart pounding fast! As I will be sharing all the magic that happen behind Pizza Hut’s kitchen. You know growing up, having a pizza as meal would make me soo happy as my family and I tend to eat pizza for special occasion like birthday or even to celebrate good grade. It bring so much good memories whenever I walk into a Pizza Hut restaurant.

I am very delighted when Nabilah contacted me and invited me to learn more about Pizza. Little that I know, I actually get to learn on how to make pizza from the dough right in Pizza Hut’s kicthen and teached by Mr. Eric the General Manager himself. It is really an unforgetable experience and for that I am forever thankful.

Being the typical person who have a great abilities to say ackward thing when she is excited,  I actually recommend to Mr. Eric to get Pizza Hut to sell FROZEN PIZZA!!!!!! hahahahaha silly right? Expecially when Pizza Hut’s swear by their freshly made, mouth watering Pizza for their customer. He almost jump out from his seat when I suggested it hahahahahahaha

Answer : a BIG NO of cause. LOL

Well, if you dont really have the time to dine in the restaurant, you can actually call in or even do online order for delivery at http://phdelivery.com.my Talking about that. The new improved website will make ordering your oven hot pizza in just few clicks. Do check out their website as I saw many interesting promotion going on!  P/s: Calories dont count when you are eating a pizza.


Back to the kitchen, that is Mr. Eric demonstrating on how to weight the pizza dough. Each dough are measured precisely before to moving on to the next process. Dont be fool by his fierce look on this picture. He is a very cheerful, informative and such a fun person to be around.


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-07 at 09.26.13

Told ya, haha.. That is us goofing around in the Pizza Hut’s Freezer. It is such a fun experience to be behind the scene of pizza making. No wonder, some staff work for more than a decade at Pizza Hut. They have such a happy working enviroment.


Each pizza are made with love and the dough are moulded by the kitchen staff. I get to learn on how to mould it. They have high standard of hygienic practise where staff need to wash and sanitize their hand from the first moment they entered the kitchen and also before moulding the dough. Despite all the fun, I took the learning process seriously and tried my best to absorb the information as this is a very educational experience. I mean when it comes to Pizza, Pizza Hut is just legendary! Being around for 59 years from year 1958 does say alot by itself right?


Taaa daa… That’s my first ever Pizza dough.


Then the dough was allowed to rest for a little bit before going into this machine that will make it flat. After that, the dough were transfered into a pan that contained soya oil. By now you might have realized I am bad at explaining process. So, best for you to check out the video I made at the end of this blogpost to see the whole process hahaa



I like to call this the FUN station. Simply because all the toppings are stationed here. This is the part where I have the once in a lifetime opportunity to customized my own version of Pizza Hut’s Pizza. Dont go around requesting to make your own Pizza when you go to Pizza Hut’s restaurant k? Dont be sad lah,  if you want extra cheese you can always request it during order.


Cute or not? This is the Pizza I made. Tomato sauce at the bottom then cheese sprinkled after that, before I put on the beef pepperoni, decorated my pizza with capsicum peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushroom and more cheese for the extra yummines.

If you noticed those peppers are not evenly shaped, it is because all the chopping are done by the staff. It is all human touch that makes Pizza Hut’s pizza such a warm meal to be shared with family.



In the oven they go! The first pic is the all time favourite Beef pepperoni. Do you know that Pizza Hut’s Beef pepperoni contained cheese on top and below the meat? It means that the pepperoni is actually sanwiched in between cheese. ( This is the part where you drop your jaw )

Then the other one is the 3 cheese pizza. I actually never tried ordering this before but I am so tempted to order it next time. How could I not? Look at that. 


After around 7 minutes and 30 seconds later. The Pizza is out of the oven.



I also learn on how to take out the pizza from the oven and also on how to cut it the right way.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-07 at 09.26.14

After seeing with my own eyes on how each pizza are freshly made, the hard work behind the kitchen  it makes me appreciate my food even more. I had such a lovely experience with everyone in this picture.

From the left, Mr Eric’s Friend. I realised I forgot to ask for his name, such a shame because I have such a fun time communicating with him. Let’s call him Mr. Meat person because the pizza he made contain all kind of meat with no veggies haha. Next to him is Mr. Eric Leong, thank you for sharing with us your valuable life experience and also all the tips. Then we have the sweet Baizura. She is the Senior Executive Marketing for Pizza Hut, then we have the petite and always smilling Nabilah, she is the PR. Infront her is Mr Lee Weng Hua he is incharge of restaurant chain. Then we have Venoshia also the cheerful PR. In orange shirt is my blogger peers Bro Framestone then beside me is another blogger peers Ruby. Known her before she is a mom and now both of us have two childrens haha. Do check give my blogger friends a visit at their blog too k? I have link it with their name. 




Tempting you with more pictures of food. hahaha.. Sorry just just help it. Anyway, below is the video I made, if you are interest to check out more.

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Alll the best!


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