B&G + Mothercare Mother's Day Event


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Just like to share my experience at B&G + Mothercare Mother's Day Event that was hosted in May 2017 at Mothercare’s outlet in Bangsar. To be completely honest, I rarely attend event nowadays since my full time work is my uttermost priority. However, it happen to be that they hosting it the same day that I have planned my daughter’s sofea birthday celebration at her school. Which mean I already took a leave for the whole day and since my daugther birthday celebration is happening in the morning meaning I can join the  event right after that. Talk about right timing huh?

I always love coming to event because I get to catch up with like minded people, as in blogger friends. If it is not for blogging I dont think I would be able to cross path with so many kind souls like my bff ayna. For that I am always grateful.


Bloom & Grow is very familiar to my family. Around 80% of my children necessities are from them. Bloom & Grow carry many high quality, durable and safe product for children like the ergobaby, trunki, skiphop,oxo tot, benbat and they even  have products for mum like the belly bandit. I actually wrote about them from the I am about to have my first daughter.

I wrote about my preparation for my first daughter arrival 3 years ago, you can check out it here. I used the theraline (super amazing pillow for pregnant mum) throughout both of my pregnancy and I dont think I would ever survive pregnancy with out them LOL. Apart from that, I also used the Skiphop baby bag durable and functional. Like you might have guessed, yes I wrote about the diaper bag too haha.. You can check it out here. Actually from my baby bouncer, to my children room decor to night light and even her bag pack are from Bloom & Grow and we normally source them from Mothercare. However, my uttermost favourite product by them is the ergobaby 360 carrier. Wrote a review about it here. To be honest I do have stroller, to me both have their own function. I like using the baby carrier when I am doing house chores and my baby just like t o stick to me like a glue so it is very usefull to have the a good ergonomic carrier.  

My point here is, the brand have help me so much during pregnancy and along motherhood. Which is why when I got the invite to attend the Mother’s Day Event, I am more than happy to support brand that my family have been loving.


Also very happy to catch up with Ayna and her handsome son Ammar. By the way I am carrying a fake baby there.. look real huh? haha




It is really fun and interactive event. There are like 6 stations setup for us. We are seperated into few groups. Each group go to different station to complete the task before getting a stamp. The challenge includes setting up a food art by kids, posing with products, trunki race and even a dancing activities. hahaha Diya and I are the representative for our team on the dancing task. I actually panicked! Dancing is not my virtue LOL I just tried because most important of all we had fun! Thanks Diya for being such a fun dancing partner haha


End up buying the unicorn trunki for my daughter Sofea simply because she actually need a new travel bag as we travel quite often. Also because they are having 20% of that day. I know I am good at finding reason to spoilt my baby haha.. Since it is also her birthday on that day, my husband and I treat it as a birthday gift for her. I am glad we bought it because my daughter love it very much!


After the event ended, there is an online voting contest hosted at SmartMum Asia fb. Where we need to get friends, families and followers to like our picture in order to win RM500 worth of products and one of lucky likers will also get to win RM200 worth of products. Three set of winners are picked based on the highest number of likes. I would like to thank all my family members and friends that are kind enough to support our picture. We do not win the contest but its okay. The best is yet to come!! Overall, we enjoy joining it and Congrats to all deserving winners!

That’s about it for today. Thank you so much for spending your time to read this blogpost. Hope it is not to late to wish Happy Mother’s Day. hahaha Till next blogpost. Dont forget to take it easy and smile.


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