SK-II Facial Treatment Essence - Pitera Proof Kit - Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I know I might be a little bit late to join on the SK-II Bandwagon, being a beauty blogger at heart I come across too many over-hyped beauty product and thanks to that I have trust issue when it comes to beauty product that is marketed all over the place. Until this SK-II Pitera Proof-Kit were sent  over to me. Hurm… I mean almost the whole planet knows or atleast heard of SK-II it have been around for the past 37 years. Yes, this Japanese brand were launched in 1980. Being around for more than 3 decade itself, says a lot. They actually took time before releasing it to the market. As they have group of scientist developing the best formulation working on it ever since 1970. Literally, they studied it for 10 years before even launching it.
Like you might have guessed, I am super curious and looking forward to test it and see it with my own eyes. Decided to document it and share with you. After all, that the main reason I started this blog anyway, to share my experience.

This is how the Proof-Kit looks like. It came in a nice sturdy box.


In conjunction of “Face the Wild” Campaign SK-II have with the extremely famous Chiara Ferragni, also known as The Blonde Salad.  My take on it, being an avid traveller due to her job nature Chiara’s skin are exposed to numerous enviroment some can be challenging to her skin. We all know the key to healthy skin is hydration and SK-II provide the best hydration to your skin so you dont have to worry about exposing it to any extreme condition.

Taaa da…. That is what it looks like inside the box.
Here is the instruction.
And so I tried, the instruction mentioned that I need to wait 4 to 8 minutes to see the result. However, it took less than 1 minute for me to actually see the result. The purple colour indicate that the solution being absorbed. It is super obvious that SK-II beat the other brand. After seeing it with my own eyes. I am totally sold LOL

My personal Opinion and Experience
I actually tried the Sakura Limited Edition version around 3 weeks ago. Have I told you how pretty is the bottle? Like super pretty with pink sakura and all that. I am not going into detail of what ingridient they contained because it just common knowlegde that they have 90% pitera essence on top of the rest of the ingridients. You can google them up or go to their website for that. Anyway, I am still using it every day up till now. It is just ground breaking for me. Not only I love the texture of the liquid, it makes my skin felt super healthy. The essence have a slight smell or fermented rice. If you are asian then do you know “tapai?” yes smell a lil bit like that. I cant help but to noticed that my skin turn out radiant, it felt firmer tooo (this is very important to me because I am in my 30’s now LOL). I even got a compliment from my husband haha.. To be honest he is not the type who notice, man right? *roll eyes* but he noticed my skin complextion after I am using SK-II pitera essence, so it is not just me. He also secretly (until got busted) used my SK-II hahahaha. On a bright side, the next round I need to replenish this facial treatment essence, I can share the cost with him. Let’s just be honest here, retailing at RM 459 for 160ml it is a premium price to be paid. However, I am really into product that works. It is seriously a worthy amount to be spent on. I would say it is a wise purchase to be made.

It is safe to say, that it is the best skin product that I have ever tried to date and now I totally understand what’s the fuss is all about. I felt a little bit regret for not starting to use it earlier when I was in my 20’s. Better late than never huh? I am now a SK-II convert and most likely will be a user for life, until I found other formulation that can beat them. haha

Read a review using it after a year. Here 


  1. I wish they sold this in Europe! :)

    1. thanks for dropping by babe! :) they didnt ke? takpe when you balik malaysia nanti can buy at airport <3 weee!

  2. Wow...d kit impress me...
    Btw the SKII water essence tu i mmg suka pakai...cuma part harga tu je lah..but y not kan kalau product tu bgus kan

    1. good to know :) n yes agreed it is best to spend on product that work. sep sikit!

  3. Assalamualaikum wbt.. Hi Illy. I sell SK-II Trial Kit (Travel Exclusive)for only RM290 inclusive of Cleanser 20g/0.7oz, Essence 75ml/2.53oz, Cream 15g/0.52oz, and Mask 1pc. I bought 1 box from KLIA (still with the price tag RM327). Let me know if you're interested ya. :)

  4. wow really convincing. taun lalu i pakai mary kay botanical efffect evo, yang colour pink tuu. best gila cleanser dia. tp toner and moisturizer pedih sgt so i stop pakai. then skg tgh pakai nano white. tapi cleanser dia buat muka jadi kering. tapi toner nano white memang best. ni tengah cari2 skin care yg the best lagi ni nak ganti. your review really helped me. thanks!

  5. Nice. Tapi harga memang boleh tahan ya. Apapun, kalau berkesan apa salahnya kalau membeli, memang berbaloi :)


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