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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am a very simple person when it comes to handbag, what matters to me the most it have to be practical with a good quality and ofcoz need to be pretty. Have you heard of Mizzue before? Mizzue sell many kind of bag including cluthes, backpacks, leather bags and even purses. I cant help but to point out that their price range is very affordable and for the quality that they are offering it is actually a worthy amount to be spent on. If I am not mistaken they also sell clothing range. However today I would like to share my 2 cents worth of opinion over their bags. In case if you are in the market to look for a new one then you can consider them.

The first unit is this tote bag called the Sunshine Dooms in Mauve. Let’s take a closer look so you would have an idea of the quality.



Check out the leather-zip front pocket. This front pocket make it easier for me to put in my office access card. I dont have to dig my bag for it. Just open the zip and I know it will always be there. I like to have a specific home for each of my must have items and I always put them in the same compartment. Not only it is easy for me to remember but it makes things easier to get to when ever needed. 


The gold zip is also very pretty match with the suave colour very much. I wish I can show you how smooth the zip movement.



This tote bag also come with a rear slip pocket with a magnetic snap closure. You can put in your handphone or resits in here. The pocket is quite deep so it is very useful.


The workmanship is also very neat as you can see from the strap here. The material of the bag is PU leather and it super soft, just how I like it to be.



I also come with 2 zipper inner compartment. The in between of the zipper compartment is another slot with no zip. I used the non zipper slot to put my camera so it is easy for me to grab when ever needed. The slot in between is big enough for camera and it is very useful.


Here is an OOTD with my new bag. I been using it almost everyday to work because it is just very functional and pretty. This bag currently retailing at a discounted price of RM 250.90 where the normal price is RM 357.90 Good deal huh? If muave is not your colour you can also pick between blue or turquoise. They are all equally pretty but I just have to stick to muave or light pink because lots of my clothes are in those tone so it is easier for me to match haha.. By the way, do you know that Mizzue have a 7 days return policy incase you change your mind?


The second bag I am holding here is the Isaura Eggeman in Pink. As you can see in the picture the bag is in rectangle shape it actually can fit A4 size paper in there with out folding. Not bad huh? I mean for the size. The bag is big enough to even carry my laptop yeay!!  I like how unique the shape is seriously. The side of the bag also come with 2 zip that you can open up for more space. Check out the picture below for a better idea.


Simple and very pretty. The material of this bag is a olished smooth PU leather. Actually it look and feel like a real leather. Rest assured no animals were harm during the production of this beautiful bag. It is actually another plus point to own it.


As you can see they put alot of thought into each bag. I can forsee myself wearing this bag many times in the future and do look forward for more OOTD on my instagram hahaa… There you go, we are the end of this post.Thank you for spending your time to read this up. Dont forget to check out Mizzue Website for more bags options. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. I dah lost count how many pink bags you have, hahaha =D

    1. hahahaha.. okay yang ni lawak, betul la tu i banyak pink beg <3 hahahaa

  2. hi, how long the mizzue take to send the item to u? Read few review, said mizzue service very bad and take long time to delivery a bag.... just wonder what is ur experience with mizzue

    1. Hi Shioa Por Tan,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for asking. It took around a week for the bag to arrive and i find it reasonable :) Hope it helps!

  3. Hi, Illy. Can u share ur experience of process purchasing with mizzue....i read few review saying Mizzue service very bad and take a long time to delivery a bag. Just wonder how is ur experience?

  4. Lovely bag, dear. Unfortunately, Mizzue currently doesn't ship to East Malaysia. :C


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