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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are feeling wonderful. I am so happy that you are here reading my blogpost as I will be sharing with you my current favourite skincare product. To be exact it is my go to body wash and body lotion at this point. Have you heard of this “Bare” brand before?

If you read my blog long enough then you might notice that I have a soft spot for plant base product it would be even greater if it contain no harmful chemicals. Every time we spend money, everytime we apply anything on our body we are actually making a choice. Not saying that I am all out vegan product kind of person but I would totally try my best to go for options that are kinder to enviroment without compromising on quality.

Opting for “Bare” you know that you are spending money on a company that do not associate with animal testing, and use 100% botanicals extract. In matter of fact, their price range is actually very reasonable for the quantity and the quality. I actually suprised that they surpass my expectation comparing to quite a number of well known “kinder-to-earth” brands.


That is a picture of their miniature sets. Such a nice idea to have a set like this as we get the chance to try out even more option before opting for a big bottle. Anyway, at the end of this post I will also share with you on how you can win this mini lotions set cost RM29.90 and there will be 3 winners. Hang on for that, as for now let’s check out my humble opinion over their Green Tea Body Range.





As you can see these are the Green Tea Body Wash and the Green Tea Body Lotion.  It claimed to be soothing and brightening. I cant tell much about the brightening like many other product it takes quite a long time to really see the different. However it really does have a soothing effect great thanks to its super calming smell of green tea. Being a beauty obsessed lady in her 30’s it is safe to say that I have tried quite a number of product which include many green tea range. What I can tell you is that, it is not quite the same as the rest of green tea range I tried. I love the “sweet” scent that come with the green tea in both products. I was expecting something more towards the “laboratory kind of green tea smell” gosh what am I talking here. Hope I am making some sense. Seriously, my point here is I love “bare of bare” version of green tea smell because it have a sweet twist to it.

I also like the pump diffuser that come with bottle, it makes it easier for usage. I dont have to worry about over pouring the products. I noticed that my body smell amazing even after couple of hours after showering. If you have the time to wear the lotion traditionally then by all means do so. On the other hand, being a mum of two kids TIME is my main constrain.  I came up with a quick solutions, to put my lotion in the shower. As in I pump both body wash and lotion in the same loofah sponge and start using it all over my body. It save me some time, it helps to clean my body and give the milky moisture feel that I love.

20170604_110658 (1)

The transparent liquid is the body wash and as you might have guessed the white creamy dot onthe right it he lotion. My skin felt smoother than usual. Knowing that they are 100% botanicals I actually dont mind to let 3 year old daughter to use the lotion. Ican see myself repurchasing this product over and over again in the future. 

In matter of fact, I also tried their hair range (OMG SO AMAZING) tried the Apple scented… YES! my hair been smelling like apple, How can anyone not love that right?  but I leave it to other time since I would like to focus on body care only today. Thank you for spending your precious time reading this up. I hope you find it interesting somehow. Anyway, as a gesture of appreciation I would like to host a giveaway so you can have a chance ot try them out yourself!!


Miniature Set_3

I am giving away 3 sets of miniature lotions by “Bare” worth RM29.90, each winner will get a set delivered to their doorstep!

All you need to do :

1) Go to my fb page  (click here).

2) Share it on your wall (make sure it is public).

3) Tag 2 friends in the comment section of the fb post.

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1) Contest will run from today 5 June up till 19 June 2017.

2) Winner will be chosen randomly via raflecopter system.

3) Winner will get to win a miniature lotions set by “Bare” worth RM29.90, there will be 3 winners in total.


  1. I am joining your GA just now :) Hopefully i will be choosen before my due date for delivery baby girl this raya :) tq

    1. Awww! thank you :) wishing you all the best and may your delivery be smooth amin.. take care ya <3

  2. I heart botanical extract based products <3


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