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Cendol Coconut 3AMango Orange Passionfruit 1 (Plastic)Sawatee Latte Smoothie 2B

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!!

Are you a blogger? If you are,  then I have a contest to share with you. Currently, COOLBLOG is having this COOLBLOG rewards “COOL BLOGs” contest where they are giving away RM300 worth of vouchers every week on top of 2 units of OPPO R9s for the GRAND PRIZE. There are only 3 simple steps to join.


All you need to do is :-

  1. Share about your experience drinking COOLBLOG and review the drinks.
  2. Publish the post on your blog.
  3. Submit the links to either or

Super simple right? Also happening at the same time, you may share some pictures on your instagram and add #JOMCOOL. Any selected picture that get re-posted on COOLBLOG’s page will win more interesting merchandise. Contest started on 31July up till 24 September 2017. You may win write in english, malay or chinese. Squeeze your creative juice and start joining the contest soon! All the best k?

You may visit any COOLBLOG near you and try out the drinks. My husband and I tried it and not bad at all. Impressed with the selections. They have sooo many varieties. From Cendol Coconut, to Teh Tarik to Matcha Smoothie.


You can pick to have it is shake version or smoothie. I tried out the chocolate oreo with black pearl topping. You may also customize and make your own creation. Just pick which type of base and toppings that you like. You can add up few topping if you want to as well.  We order 2 types of drinks and it cost us only RM 10. Price range is very affordable if you ask me. Imagine on a super sunny day, to slurp a yummy COOLBLOG would be so satisfying!

For the list of COOLBLOG kiosk near you, click this link  They have many outlet nationwide. Hope you willenjoy your drink as much as we do.  Anyway, I am attaching this  COOL BLOG rewards “COOL BLOG” contest poster incase you need to check out more info.

Coolblog-Contest Poster

Wishing you all the best and thank you for spending your time to read this up. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Time study dulu shad selalu beli smoothie mango dekat cool blog. Kedai dia elok je bawah asrama, pandai betoi kann..

    1. lahhh yer ke? macam sedap jer mango illy tak pernah try lagi yang mango,, dulu study kat mana? best nyer ada coolblog bawah hostel :)

  2. mengidam yang ni.. tapi kena tunggu lagi 3 bulan .. lepas tu baru boleh beli cool blog ni..

  3. Replies
    1. try the honeydow smoothie!! you might like them <3


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