Meal Replacement Supplement by Kitsui | Review |

Meal Replacement Supplement by Kitsui |Review|

Assalamualaikum and Olla  everyone!

I think I am not the only mother in this world that have a yearning desire to get back in shape to pre-pregnancy time. I do understand  that it is not as easy as gaining it. After my first pregnancy my weight slide down fast compared to my second pregnancy (which take forever by the way). Spoke to my friend Ayna about it and she mentioned one of the reason could be age factor. I have to agree with her. I wasn’t in my 30’s during my first pregnancy which explain the higher metabolism rate, hence the faster I burnt off the fat.

Being in my 30’s meaning I have to put extra effort to be able to get back in shape. One of the methods that I am currently trying out is to take this meal replacement by Kitsui. It is actually formulated as a Complete Weight Loss Meal Replacement Plan.

Each box contains 15 packets and each packet contain 30gram of product. Each serving size contains 82 calories. I mean we all know that the lesser calories intake is the best and to accelerate the slimming process we need to burn more calories than we consume. Bear in mind that eating less or by only taking low calories won’t give an impactful result. It needs to be combine with an active lifestyle.

Apart from taking care of my two kids, I also been taking extra effort to monitor my weight loss by downloading an app to motivate me to walk and run. Since I don’t have the time luxuries to sign up for a gym, I used conventional methods to be active. Such as doing extra house chores, spend min 30mins every night (after my kids fall asleep) to do work out. I also utilise my lunch time and purposely took a longer route just to walk before coming back to office. I tend to skip the lift twice a day and take the stairs to and from my office. My office is at 15th floor mind you LOL. Those are some of the ideas, I bet you can squeeze some kind of work out in your schedule too!

Meal Replacement Supplement by Kitsui | Review |

Anyway, I like to take this meal replacement by Kitsui instead of breakfast. You may also take this instead of your dinner or lunch. What makes Kitsui Meal Replacement awesome is because of the ingredients used. Each sachet contains Spirulina, Oat fibre, Brown rice and Psyllium-Husk. We all know that Spirulina is a great food to take because of its ability to help reduce cholesterol in the blood. Spirulina is also great to make your eyes and teeth healthy.

Oat Fibre on the other hand is great to be consumed because it helps to increase your immune system, reducing cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart related issues, and it also be able to make your hair, teeth, nails, muscle and bone stay healthy. Have you heard of Psyllium Husk? It is actually a popular remedy for weight loss. It helps to control blood sugar level; it will also make you feel full and keeps you from eating too much as.

The combination of all the super food above will not only aid you to get slimmer but it also provides good nutrients for your body.

Meal Replacement Supplement by Kitsui | Review |

I have been trying out for 2 weeks and it is quite early to share if it really works to reduce my size. However, it does make me feel full each time I consume and I didn’t feel hungry that easily each time I took this product. It does not taste bitter or too thick compared to other protein supplement that I took. Just a suggestion, you may also make a pancake out and make a healthy breakfast for your family.  What I can say is, I would totally agree that with an active lifestyle and also taking low calories meal supplement as Kitsui product will positively help to reduce your weight.

It is also a cost effective product and easily accessible. It is retailing at RM38.80 per box and you can find them at over 250 Guardian store nationwide. For more info you can always check out their website or Kitsui FB or Kitsui Instagram

We are at the end of this post, thank you so much for spending your time to read this up. I wish you a smooth journey to achieve your weight goal. All the best!


  1. Don't worry, 30's is the new 20's, enjoy the peak of your womanhood babe <3

    1. will try to think that way!! hahaha its okay we try our best to age gracefully <3


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