Asam Pedas Premier - Setia City Mall - Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

When is the last time you had a mouth-watering meal with your family? If you are looking for a place that is pocket-friendly that served yummy Asam Pedas then you need to try out Asam Pedas Premier at Setia City Mall.  

The restaurant is located at LG-75 Lower Ground Floor of Setia City Mall. It is very easy to find the restaurant just walk ahead toward the end and you'll find Asam Pedas Premier shop at the same area of other eateries. As you can see the design of the shop is very welcoming and suitable for a family gathering. I personally like to wooden table top, it somehow reminds me of a kampung feel. 

Upon seating, you will be given a menu with an ordering sheet.

As I open up the menu, my tummy started to make funny sounds hahaha.. I found out that they started their first ever outlet in 2009 at Bukit Jelutong. Happy to know that they have grown and been serving Asam Pedas in the past decade. 

My family came for dinner because we wanted to meet my nephew, my sister in law and my bro. Going after working hours during the weekend is our best option. Asam Pedas Premier also have this ALL DAY VALUE MEALS which I think very worthy. 

The drinks option are quite extensive. Zandria picked fresh watermelon juice while Sofea opted for soya cincau. I decided to go with my favorite drink ice water haha..  

As an appetizer, we decided to go ahead with cucur. The cucur is served hot in a rattan bowl. Just how I like it, extra crunchy on the sides. This appetizer cost RM6.90 and I found it very reasonable for the portion and the taste. 

Ordered ayam goreng for kids to share too. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the ayam goreng is well seasoned and I also like that it is presented on a banana leave. Makes the meal more appealing. 

We also ordered ikan bawal goreng and it is deep fried to perfection. For those who have a family member that cant take spicy meal, don't worry because Asam Pedas Premier also has many options that is non-spicy. 

The star of the day! You can pick either tengiri, kembung or stingray as your main protein. My husband picked tengiri because of its sweet meat. Look at that yummy gravy! 

For Asam Pedas Set (RM16.90 Tengiri) you will get rice with a thoughtfully paired fresh ulam, sambal, and salted egg. Exactly how asam pedas can be enjoyed fully! My husband has been complimenting the sambal and the asam pedas gravy.. nyum! 

My brother on the other hand cant stop scooping the sambal on this ayam sambal haha... The gravy is simmered to expose all the spices taste. This ayam sambal actually reminds me of the ayam sambal my granma used to make. 

Both of my daughters wanted noodle soup. They both shared this meal and not a string of noodle is left behind haha... 

The next must-try dish is this Daging Masak Lemak Cili Api. For an avid spicy eater, you may like this meal a lot. The gravy is not very thick which is just how I like them to be. The taste of the chili and the turmeric immersed in the coconut milk and it will make you want more. 

Prefer non-soupy meal? Then do check out their grill selections. We decided to also try out this Ikan Pari Bakar and we do not regret out choice. The paste tasted good and the fish is fresh. Love the fact that they also include kaffir lime because you can smell the herbs before you indulged in the meal. 

Taa daaa.. All of our meals in one picture. I would say, the portion for each dish is generous, the taste is good, the restaurant is family friendly, and the price is affordable. Hence, we don't really have any complaint. 

Overall, we had a good meal and memorable time catching up with our family members. Look at my super cute nephew! Already missing him as I'm typing this. Well, I hope you find this post useful if you are looking on where to host a family gathering next time. 

By the way, Asam Pedas Premier is also hosting a contest currently. Five-person will get a chance to win RM100 worth of dining voucher every month. All you need to do is to just upload your dining picture and mention why you like dining there. Dont forget to #asampedaspremier #happydining and tag @asampedaspremiermy 

All the best and thank you once again for reading this up. For more info do check out their official link as per below :- 


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