Nippon Paint - Inspi Raya Warna Raya - Workshop with Ben Firdaus!

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

This is my third year attending the workshop by Nippon Paint and I am always learning something new from each session. This time around the workshop name is Nippon Paint - Inspi Raya Warna Raya - Workshop with Ben Firdaus! First of all, I would like to thank Nippon Paint Malaysia team for having me. 

Check out Ben Firdaus in action! Before the workshop started, we are given welcomed by Fynn Low, Assistant Manager of Marketing at Nippon Paint Malaysia. Thank you, Fynn, for the in-depth information and for sharing with us all of the videos!  Ben is very talented and it is an honour to learn from him.

At the workshop, we learned the right techniques when using the Nippon Paint Momento Textured series and also the Nippon Paint Momento Enhancer series. Do bear in mind that it is very important to let the paint dry completely before putting the next layer. This is to ensure you have the best result! 

As you can see here, there are three types of collections you can pick from under the Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Series. You can pick the from the Textured Series (Elegant Gold - this the one I picked). The range also includes Elegant, Elegant Gold, Sparkle Pearl, Sparkle Silver, and Sparkle Gold designs). The next range is the Nipon Paint Momento Enhancer Series which has two sub-categories you can pick from - the Frost effect or the Cloud effect. The final range is the Designer series, where you are spoilt with selections ranging from Velvet Pearl, Velvet Gold, Velvet Metallic, Travertino, Optical and also Rust Box. Click on each image if you would like learn more about the Nippon Paint Momento series or just visit Nippon Paint’s website for more details. 

Time to play with the paint! hahaha... After getting to know the products and also learning the tips from Ben, it is time to get our hands on the paint, ourselves. Ben has already primed the board so we get to move straight to the design phase. You may use the Nippon Paint Washi tape, like in the picture above, to create your design. You may also use a stencil if you like. 

The best part about going to the Inspi Raya Warna Raya blogger workshop is that I get to also catch up with my blogger friends. Meet Sabby, my neighbour for the day! Love her cute avocado sweater hehe. I also get to catch up with the stylish Farah  and also Ayue Idris! Do visit their Instagram pages and show them some love!  

Ben is very dedicated and funny while teaching us. It is fun to attend a class with him since he has a happy-go-lucky vibe. I also get to meet my cutest ever mummy blogger friend Yuyu Zulaikha 

Since most of us selected from the Nippon Paint Momento Textured Series - Sparkle Gold range , this is a sample of the Nippon Paint Momento Textured Series – Elegant Range.I think this paint is quite interesting! Once the enhancer is applied on, you get to "pop" gold dusk over the creation to give it a unique finish.  

Taaa daaa... Our final work! I am very happy with the result and literally can't wait to give my daughter's room a makeover. Since my daughter’s room is mainly pink in colour, I have decided to give it a pop of colour by doing a feature wall section with Nippon Paint Momento Textured Series in Golden Fleece. Stay tuned for that to be revealed k? 

Thank you once again to everyone who worked hard behind the scene to ensure the whole workshop goes smooth. I personally had a good time. Take care and till the next blogpost!

Stay tuned to see the before and after the result of the makeover! 


  1. Bestnya dapat belajar cara mengecat dengan pakar. KSarie kalau kena terjebak dengan apa-apa aktiviti yang perlukan cat, memang akan cari cat Nippon sebab brand ni dah memang terbukti mantop kualiti catnya


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