Dorsett Hartamas - Honest Review

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

Recently my family and I went to Dorsett Hartamas for a 2 nights staycation. They have few types of room we went for the Dorsett Room because it include a bathtub. Sometime I dont get it why dont all hotel rooms just have bathtub? It is a priority for me to look for bathtub since we don't have one at home. Anyway, the place is new and it is near to the Plaza Damas making it very accessible. 

The check-in process is smooth, it takes us a couple of minutes before we are handed with our room key. 

This is our room number. I like the detailing of this hotel, with a garden feel on the carpet up to the room number is decorated with a garden feel. With birds and branches all around. 

To make it easier, I include this room tour video for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to like and subscribe. It helps to motivate me to do more content for you :) Many thanks in advance! 

This is the drink counter. I am not sure about you, but i try not to use hotel's kettle hahaha...

I like that the working area is spacious. Perfect for midnight hustle. If you have kids like me, midnight is the best time to work in peace. haha... Good to see they have a built-in universal power plug for those who are coming from abroad this might be handy if you forgot a universal charger.  

Underneath the drinks area, you can find a small fridge. I remember when I used to breastfeed, having a fridge so I could keep my expressed milk is super important. 

The room is cozy, nicely decorated it pleasing to the eyes. Pillows were soft but the bed is not the best that I've tried. It is too soft for my liking. 

The view from the room is downright amazing! With the majestic Palace and the kl skyline. Wait till you go to the highest floor of the building where the swimming pool is located, you'll be blown away with the view! Tips, try to ask for room in higher floor to enjoy a good view. 

Told ya, isn't that nice? 

This is the view from the left side of the room. 

Amenities are good, with toothpaste, and Dorsett bathtime necessities. You see they have the garden theme even on their toiletries packaging. 

Paying RM50 extra every night for this bathtub. I find it therapeutic to soak myself in warm water at night. One of the highlights whenever I go on a staycation trip. 

Just sharing the waste chamber area for you to see. They also provide a shower if you want a quick fresh up before starting your day. 

Slippers were included, as expected they have iron and a safety deposit but the bathrobe is not included. Small matter no biggie. 

My family and I had a great time utilizing the swimming pool. They have kids section and a jacuzzi. My kids are so lucky to be going on numerous staycation over these years. It develop an ability to adapt to new places. They never have a problem sleeping at a new place as we go for more than 10 staycations yearly LOL.. 

Overall for around RM250 a night we found it to be reasonably priced. The room is huge enough for a family of four, the view is good, and the facilities are new. I think you can get an even better rate if you book in advance. Alright, that's about it. Thanks for reading this up. If you come here, do check out the Chakri Palace thai restaurant on the top floor, the view there is great and the food price is reasonable too. 

Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!

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