Zentel - Mummy's Savior!

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you ask what are the most under-rated must have mummies. I have to say ZENTEL. Gosh.. sometimes we may have wondered what is wrong when you already do your best to make sure your kids have enough nutrients but the frequently complained about stomach pain or vomit for no reason at all? Personally, for me, I didn't think about deworming before. Could have save so much headache! 

You see, if you realized there is a sudden decreased on of weight, even when they eat nutritious food, it could be worm infestation. If you noticed the symptoms mentioned above then I would suggest to do deworming. The brand that I trust for my kids is totally Zentel. I remember when I was a child, my mum did give me Zentel before. 

There are many ways that children get worm infestation. If your kids are like mine who love playing outdoor, sometimes my kids took out their shoes especially by the beach LOL... by walking barefoot intentionally or un-intentionally (coz kids duh..) they may be walking on infected soils.

It may also happen when they eat fruits or vegetables that many not be properly washed. We do eat outside sometime so we cant really ensure that all the fruits, vegetables, fish and even meat are free from worm eggs or worms itself.

Those who have pets then it may also be from pets. Some pets get infected by parasitic worms and it can be transferred to our child. We dont have pet at home but my kids somehow like to pet stay cats as we like to feed them. 

It can also be poor hygiene, kids does not have much patience. I guess most parents may have known this already hahaha.. so when kids themselves may not be washing their hand properly with soap after done with their "business” trying to avoid using the word "defecating" hahaha... 

There are plenty of parasites that can actually grow in our child even on our digestive system like whip worm, tape worms, round worms, pin worms and hook worms. There is no problem is this world that can’t be resolved. Not a big deal to be infested with worms as it is quite commons. If you have a growing child like mine, then I would like to suggest you to consider de-worming them by giving them, Zentel Tablets. You may also consider taking one for yourself and for your spouse. Just in case. 

If you realized serious symptoms like worms in the stool ( this is super obvious) or they are less active than usual or they have a fever, itchy bottom, loss of appetite, or complains about abdominal pain, it may also lead to diarrhea, severe weight loss, anemia, and even fatigue. Try this Mummy's savior ZENTEL Tablets.  

Taking this action can help you as parents to ensure that your child's growth is not affected, as it may also lead to malnutrition. Some cases there will be developmental delays and even a poor cognitive function. This can all be avoided with considering to de-worming. 

It is recommended to consume Zentel Tablets because worms are more active and grow the most nights. Just get a packet and check out the suggested dosage from the box. To make it easier, I will also share it down below:- 

  1. For roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and pinworm
·       Adults and children above 24 months: 2 tablets (400mg) as a single dose.
·       Children 12-24 months: Take half the adult dose
2.               For threadworm and tapeworm
·       Adults and children above 24 months: 2 tablets (400mg) as a single dose once a day for 3 consecutive days.

Please do not exceed the daily dosage, do consult the pharmacies or a professional medical advisor before taking this medicine. Alright, we are the end of this post. I hope you find it informative. I wish nothing but love and happiness for you and your family. May our family be free of parasitic worms and lead a healthy live! 

Take care and talk to you soon! 

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed are entirely my own and does not reflect the official policy or opinions of any company. Usage of the product is therefore strictly at your own risk.


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