How I spend my weekend =)

Ok lets start by after balik kerje n Friday.. straight directly pergi beli 1st season of GLEE (my friend cakap best so i pun try la) ade 4 dvd which include 13 episodes.. sampai umah ape lagi, pakai face mask.. tgk la marathon yeehaa!

Guess what? Memang best terSANGAT and funny terSANGAT, my bro takde umah pergi lepak studio mama (he didt noe what he was missin)

I seriously suggest sape yg nak tgk marathon tu, sila la tgk GLEE best kot...

Saturday – bangun pagi, mandi lama2 and again buat my beauty ritual, curled my hair.. Then IKEA here i come.. yummy meatball here I come =)

Tgh makan2 tad... da.... en.Johan sampai sambung mamam.. borak2 gelak2..

So I bought few frame (I just love to paint them with acryllic.., so i normally buy)

Then beli bunga la (my fav) beli cutleries beli storageware la.. ape lagi? Owh yer yer pergi kat IKEA food, beli frozen meatball, the yummy gravy, senang kat rumah nanti if crave for one =)

Owh lupe nak cakap , i bawak balik a small pot and guess what inside them? Pokok rose.

Can you just believe me? The whole pokok itself.. since johan always bought me roses, so I decided to buy my own pokok.. hehehe.. atleast next time i wanna make my rose mask, senang! Huhuhu

Then balik, ape lagi GLEE again...

Sunday – bangun extra pagi.. mandi lama2 again,beauty ritual again , but today decided to straighten my hair =) i just love bein a gurl...

Ok today i siap2 pilih baju, tenung closet for nearly 30 minutes.. then done,, kuar go ayam penyet.. then OUM masuk class (I took part time study to finish my degree) then mase class.. tetibe je i was thinking of Fatty Crab. Yummy!

Then ape lagi, fatty crab sweet and sour with my fav golden bun =) absolutely yummy! Two thumbs up

Moral of the story = GLEE = AWESOME

that's it for now..

peace out baby!


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