Tips mendapat Mata yg Cantik

Hari ini just wanna share one more beauty tips.. tips ape lagi yg boleh share ni yer? Hurm.. rambut dah, mask dah, ok now we talk about mata..

Eyes atau mata adalah the windows to the soul.Do you know eyes are VITAL organ of our body.

Eyes will express your moods in what ever mood you are. Happy ke, sedih ke,marah ke, or even ngatuk ke .. =)

When you are silent your eyes will speak weather you are happy or sad..

Think again, sebenanrnya only eyes can give more reliable information to our brain, when compared to mouth and nose. So dari itu marilah kita menjaga mata..

Bak kata pepatah dari mata turun ke hati.. Chewah........

Tips menjaga mata =)

1) Jangan letak facial cream bawah mata or di lingkaran mata, kalau betul2 nak juga use cream yg special untuk mata.. why?

Sebab nanti senang dapat oil seed or hyperlipidemia, usually women got it, coz when apply moisturizer/eye cream, if it's too rich/oily, nanti can cause milia/oil seed under eyes, coz the skin under eyes are very very thin, so easily absorb the rich cream, and causing too much oil under eye area.

So once again, choose your eye cream carefully, I don’t use any eye cream, back to basic I use chill cucumber =)

2) Pilih contact lense elok2 bagi sesiapa yg pakai contacts tu okie?

Jgn pakai lebih expiry date. (nak jimat pun sila beragak, you are risking your eyes my dear)

Kalau ur eye sensitive, so you all boleh try silicone hydrogel lens is suitable for all sensitive, even allergic eyes. u will have foreign body sensation when u 1st wear the lens, mild redness but should not last for more than an hour. Get this info from my friend, die pun punyer eyes banyak sensitive..

Sedikit info untuk sape2 yg short-sightedness most of the short-sightedness is due to long axial length which means that ur eye ball is long. rigid contact lens which is called RGP can help prevent or reduce progression of refractive error/eye power by flattening ur cornea to certain degree. glasses definitely cant do that as its placed a distance away from ur eyes. Mane saya tau? Ini la die hasil menjadi cikgu sains part time dan penat lelah menghabiskan bertahun study microbiology =)

And bdaway ada special type of RGP called orthokeratology lens (ortho K) can remove refractive power for most eyes. try google it for more info if you all interested but let me warn ya it costs a bomb.

3) Ok next tips, about mascara, nak mata yg very the dramatic? MASCARA IS A MUST so actually as far as i noe ada 3 different kinds - water based, waterproof and a mixed variety, so pandai2 la pilih up to you. . As there is no risk of allergy, sesetengah women prefer kohl and fruit and vegetable packs over chemical mascara. Sedikit info, mascaras come in different shades but brown and brown black are voted to be the best.

Cosmetic mascara has a wider range extending from black, brown, gray to blue and macam2 lagi..

There is hypoallergenic mascara for those who are allergic to many things(sape tuh?). Test the mascara before you use it, kalau you itch or get a rash—change it segera immediately.

Do not take any chances =) well I seriously Im in love with mascara ever since I was 14 yrs old.

Ily HEART Mascara

4) Tips terakhir from ily, jaga apa yg you all mamam a.k.a makan why? Feeding your eyes is the most important thing you can do to ensure good vision.

Vegetables for Eye Health

Kacang panjang a.k.a Green beans


Brussels sprouts



Chili peppers



Dandelion leaves



Leaf lettuce

Mustard greens




Sweet peppers

Sweet potatoes and yams


Turnip greens

Fruits for Eye Health


Apricots (dried)

Blueberries and Bilberries






So that’s it for now...

teringin mata cun melecun macam ni?

You could try the tips, and have fun trying dear..

Peace out baby =)




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