Tips to be Happy

My Tip to Happiness =)

1) Learn to forgive everyone, everything.. this will clean your heart from all of the negative elements...

2) Be positive.. always try your best to look a a brighter side of everything that happen or at least find one small good thing about the anyone.

3) Do not simpan dendam.. let it go.. let by gone be by gone.. =)

4) Remember things happen for a reason, one small bump eventually will distract you or prevent you from falling into a BIG hole.. so just be great full =)

5) Count your blessing,, look around so many less fortunate people who are in even worse situation that you are..

6) Indulge ur time with your love circle ex: partner,family,great friends.. Spend time do silly thing together

7) Get a pet. (cute or exotic = individuals choice ) i prefer cute ones.. hehe

8) Start a hobby. Look at your old boring plain frame? Get a little bit Crafty.. colour it or even start beading up your pillow or even bedazzled it with shiny2 cute crystals...

9) Go for a holiday once in a while.. This ill help detangle of the unnecessary headache.. Trust me this one really works..

10) Last tips.. be a better person every day.. try to be even better everyday...

That's it for now........ stay tune for the next post =)

Peace out, baby!

*wink wink*


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