Micheal Buble, could you be my valentine?

In love with Micheal Buble since forever.. he is my celebrity crush Aww!

To by beloved BF en Johan Ariff tlg jgn nak jelous ok? Hehe hugs!

Ok sambung citer balik...

Micheal buble is super duper Hot.. Ouch... And above all he have a very2 amazing aura.. it makes you feel good once you hear his voice..

Well, at the age of 16 years old he start his carrer by singing in night club. i guess he might have been a very cute little boy back then =) Muah Muah

I believe he carried the charming genes from his father who is an italian, but pleae do not be mistaken.. this handsome guy was born and raised in Canada so technically he is a Canadian..

The Greatest Song Ever Award from me to Him = Fever..

Fever by Micheal Buble. It just make me fly... hu hu hu =)

Peace out Baby!




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