Collectible Perfume Dolls by SILKYGIRL - Innocent Isabelle Review

This perfume is super cute.. It would be so lovely on the make up table.. SILKYGIRL recently launch Collectible Perfume Dolls.. ada 5 semua nya.. as you can see below, semua perfume dolls ni ada name yg cute miut.. plus each have their own personality... so you can pick which suites you more.. as for me.. I love their cute packaging and sweet scents!

Do take note that I was given a free sample during the Launch but it does not affect my judgement.. All opinion is my own honest opinion :) Well I do love sweet scents and cute stuff so basically I superly adore this perfume!!!!  yang paling best the price is so affordable.. RM19.90 je ok? So sape je bole beli,, with RM100 you can collect all 5 of them :) Cute right?  Perfume ni EDT and last 6 hours.. as written on the packaging.. Bau Innocent Isabelle ni ada bau jasmine campur citrus :) sweet......... 

Die punyer head tu is like the bottle cap :) comel kepala die besar haha.. then sebab size die yg cute itu die ada 15ml.. memang ah macam sikit kan? but for me I love it.. sebab bole letak dalam handbag n tak berat kalau nak travel ke ape :) next time pergi vacation.. tak payah nak bawak berat2 perfume 100ml la ape.. baik bawak yg comel ni je.. tak berat and wangi and cute :)

So korang pun bole beli gak.. you can get it at all major pharmacies mcam Watson :) starting this 15 Nov...  (I am counting days.. *wink*wink*) Nak beli yang chocolate tu pastu yang ice cream tu.. 

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So as usual enjoy the pictures!

 comel kan? kan? kan?  
 ni bottle cap die tu.. comel je....
So size die lebih kurang tinggi bb  :) 

All of the characters.. So korang bole tengok la which dolls yang korang suke :) 


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