SILKYGIRL - Collectible Perfume Dolls Launch - Review

Dear all,

Semalam ily ade update about launch yg ily pergi kan? so basically the event was held at Hello Deer at Uptown Damansara. A very nice ambience :) sweet n very girly... I loike!

First of all nak ckap thanks to SILKYGIRL team yg very friendly n warm :) expecially to Nina for the invitation! Deeply appreciate that..

So, time kat event tu, we were introduced to the new perfume by SILKYGIRL.. seriously cute! so kitorang ade mcam personality test la.. Like you need to pick a colour that attract you most or yang you all paling suka then it will reveal your personality and by then you can determine which perfume suites you most.. comel tak?  Honestly, all of the 5 bottles are super cute, so ily geram jer tengok :) comel sgt if letak atas dressing table.. n best of all bau die wangi.. I am not a perfume expert, tapi bau2 die sweet2 :)

Ade bau chocolate la, bau candy la.. one of the dolls perfume tu bau ice cream,, so ily memang tak sabar nak try yg tu.. was wondering gak camner ek kalau bau ice cream jadi perfume? kalau korang nak tahu.. ha.. ape lagi cepat go and grab one :P  RM19.90 per bottle and each bottle contain 15ml of sweet perfume.. plus perfume ni long lasting tahan 6 hours babe.. (hahah ily jawab soalan mase sesi pop kuiz die so tu yg ingat tu)

Other than that, dorang ade cupcake decorating competition..ily memang excited la kan.. menda cute2 ni memang kegemaran sejak azali ily la plak :) tapi ily tak menang sebab dorang teror2.... Congrats to all of the winners! huhuhu but I honestly enjoy the process :) The session were conducted by two instructor by Sweet Tooh Ville..  ily pergi event kali ni dengan coco.. die punyer cupcake comel :)

Then after that.. ape lagi refreshment time... sedap la :) ni time type ni pun tgh terbayang lagi chocolate mousse die :) yummy!  and the food for this even was catered by WonderMilk :) Actually office ily dekat kaw2 dgn wondermilk ni selalu la gak pergi if ade office mate birthday ke ape kan.. tapi tak nampak plak menu chocolate mousse ni.. kalau tahu dari dulu, tiap kali dtg nak order...

Event Rating : 8/10 (seriously fun n interactive n I might be abit bias sebab ily memang suke mende cute miut)

So enjoy the pics!

 me n Coco :) 
 yummy candies at the reception desk :)
 Collectible Perfume Dolls bookmark :) I am so gonna used this for my books.. so cute!
 tengok ni comel tak? mane bole tahan kan.. ily nak gi beli yg chocolate tu :P

 ni cupcake ily huhuhu
 ni coco punyer.. comel tak?
 pic candid nina :) Thanks for inviting us babe!
 Lovely ladies and fellow bloggers :) Coco, me, farah, wiida, Sabrina (on the right) and her friend (lupe tanyer name plak excited sgt tgk perfume cute miut.
 chocolate mousse yg yummylicious.. nak lagi!!
 Goodies from SILKYGIRL, I love the fact dorang tulis tangan kat thank you note tu, very sweet :) It symbolise personalization and they actually took time to write it.. Ice Cream pot lip balm tu nanti ily buat review, yang retro perfume tu dapat mase jawab kuiz.. SILKYGIRL is very generous, they even give a a super cute charm bracelet.. ikut tema plak tuh ade charm cupcake la candy la comel :) Time kasih tau... kite suke sgt :)
 Yeay kite dapat perfume dolls "Cotton Candy" best! Seronok :P


  1. hi...datang singgah sini..please do buat review cepat2 pasal the perfume ye....comel sgt...oh...HI btw....;D

    1. Hi dear,

      a ah comel sgt :) thanks babe.. nanti ily buat review segera!

  2. it was so nice meeting you!!! i have a blast too! you got the pink one! i got the orange one!

    1. hi Sabrina :)

      hehe tu la best dapat jumpe u :) yg orange tu ice cream kan? bestnyer :)

      pink ni sedap gak bau die.. arini i pergi office, excited pakai ok :)

      tapi u memang hamper lagi la banyak hahahah :P

  3. illy!~comelnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..perfume tu wangi tak? yg cup cakes tu mesti syg nak makan.comel kemain.heehe

    1. mesti ah wangi :) nanti ily buat review :) more info about the perfume coming up!

      tu la cupcake tu comel :) ily buat seponyeh je.. tak berape reti..

      cikHel baby sihat? mesti kuar nanti comel cam mama die :)

  4. ya, perfume nya, nampak mcm goodies lah, kan tersalah gigit.


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