How to make quick & easy, DIY nutrious & soothing EYE MASK with HOME ingredients

I learned this trick from my make up Guru Michelle Phan via YouTube J

I tried n seriously quick n easy..


-          Cucumber
-          Facial Cotton pad
-          Blender
-          Bowl
-          Plastic Seal Bag

So first of all, cut the cucumber into big chucks and blend it. ( put abit of water if needed)

Then, pour into your bowl.  

Then, dip you cotton pad into the mixture.

Then put the soaked cotton pad into the seal bag, and organize it.

Tadaaaaa… you have your own QUICK & EASY DIY eye mask J

Put it in the freezer and you may use it when ever you like….. I love to turn on a calming music (you can find it in YouTube by searching calming music, you will have a selection of the sound of the wave… the sound of the jungle and so on……..) n lay on my bed and enjoy my own ME time J

So soothing n calming.. it help reduce the dark eye circle and your eye bag J


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