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Olla everyone! Well, here is my second Acpuris journey post. I do see the different know as it have been 24 days after I first try the products, but I am saving the best for the last post! Stay tune if you would like to see the before and after picture.There will be 4 post in this Acpuris journey and on this blogpost I would like to share with you some info about Acne/Pimples. So first of all, allow me to share about types of pimples before we go futher.

Whiteheads - also known as a closed comedo. These are very small and remain under the skin, appearing as a small, flesh-colored papules.

Blackheads - also known as an open comedo. These are clearly visible; they are black and appear on the surface of the skin. Some people mistakenly believe they are caused by dirt, because of their color, and scrub their faces vigorously - this does not help and may irritate the skin and cause other problems.

Papules - these are small, solid, rounded bumps that rise from the skin. The bumps are often pink.

Pustules - these are pimples full of pus. They are clearly visible on the surface of the skin. The base is red and the pus is on the top.

Nodules - these are morphologically similar (similar structure) to papules, but larger. They can be painful and are embedded deep in the skin.

Cysts - these are clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are filled with pus and are usually painful. Cysts commonly cause scars. Malay’s call this as “jerawat batu”.

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Well, here comes the fun part! After doing a mini research about acne, this info really get my attention and I am more than happy to share it with everyone. Do you know that the appearance of your pimples might tell you some info about your health condition or even habits you need to cut off?? It is more or like a reflexology mapping.. Ya.. I am surprised tooo!



Zones 1 & 3

Forehead - Traditionally, the forehead connects to your digestion. If you break out in this area, improve your elimination by drinking water and eating "whole" foods. You could possibly suffer from a food intolerance (like wheat or gluten).


Zone 2

Center Forehead - The middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows, connects to the liver. Congestion and breakouts could be related to consumption of alcohol and rich foods or a food allergy (like lactose intolerance). Avoid eating late at night and cut back on the wine and cheese.


Zones 4 & 10

Ears - The ears connect to the kidneys. If they swell or feel hot, reduce inflammation by cutting down on the caffeine.


Zones 5 & 9

Cheeks - Your cheeks indicate respiratory issues. Smokers or those who are allergy-prone typically notice fine, broken capillaries and clogged pores. Quit smoking and begin an antihistamine regimen (if you're not on one already) to clear this congested area.


Zones 6 & 8

Eyes - The eyes, like the ears, connect to the kidneys. Diminish dark circles and brighten those peepers by drinking more water and streamlining your digestion.


Zone 7

Nose - Your nose indicates blood pressure. If it becomes red and abnormally inflamed, your blood pressure level is probably higher than usual.


Zone 12

Chin - Chin breakouts are regulated by hormones and tend to freak out before and after your period.


Zones 11 & 13

Corners of the mouth - The corners of your mouth connect to the ovaries, and often break out during menstruation.


Zone 14

Neck Area and Temples - Breakouts in the neck area and temples relate to adrenal stress. Our two adrenal glands, located above our kidneys, secrete vital hormones. If these glands function abnormally, you may feel sluggish and stressed throughout the day, and you could break out. Remember, the skin on your neck is just as important as your face, don't forget to take care of it!


Where do you normally get a breakouts? I normally get breakout near my chin and my cheeks. As you know I am currently trying out Acpuris and will share more about it during my 3rd and final post. Stay tune ya!! You may also check out my first post you may do so by clicking here



Just in case you want ot know more about the cost of the products, 1) Cleanser RM 113  2)Toner RM 159 3) Moisturizer RM 159  4) Sebum Control RM 149 and 5) Spot Corrector RM 113. The whole set costing around RM 693

For more info, check out Acpuris facebook   here  and once again thanks to The Butterfly Projects for this review opportunity.


  1. A very detailed and informative post. I am new to your blog and must say I loved it. I would be glad if you came over and visited mine.

    1. thanks for your kind words Sugandha :) will try to improve from time to time and thanks for dropping by at my blog. Will check out your soon :)

  2. Gahhh! Zone 2 is so true! I always wondering why I have pimples popped up there and each time i ter-consumed cheese, sure got one. T_T sudah lactose intolerant still cari pasal.

    1. didnt know that you are lactose intolerant babe... dont worry now you know the cause already so can reduce the intake :) weee!


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