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What do you listen to nowdays? Do you know music could affect your emotion? Well, not only music I am talking about sounds entirely. For an instance, if you listen to someone laugh or baby laugh you instantly felt happier inside. In another scenario, if you listen to someone yelling at each other, it will automatically triggered a mix emotion right? Have you ever faced this?

Today I am going to share with some Happy Playlist Song that will pump your mood! Weehoo! Well, as for me it works. I love listening to music while at work, it helps to motivate me and keep me going. So do you download songs? I don’t really.. I always stream it.

I use this site and I love it! The main reason why is that it contained soooo many songs and the music quality is good. You may check out here http://grooveshark.com




I have 8 of happy song playlist but this one is my favourite, normally I created 40-50 songs into a playlist. It helps to keep me happy and I am energized like those energizer bunny when I listen to this playlist. When you are happy and pump up it will helps you to be more productive!!

I have Mild Playlist, Motivating Playlist (mostly those girl power kinda songs), the Emo Playlist ( the slow music sedih2 one, yup I do jiwang sometime LOL) and few more.. The main reason I categorized my playlist is that so that I wont have be on a emotional roller coaster while listening to it.. Imagine listening to happy songs then suddenly sedih then happy again.. LOL I dont know about you but I like to just separate it so that you will be in control on what you want to listen based on how you want to feel at that moment.


If you want to have a boost of happiness, I would suggest for you to listen to “Walking on Sunshine by Ally and AJ” I hope it works and have fun! Stay happy and spread happiness!


  1. the website is so easy to you! tq for sharing illy, i can just play the featured playlist and just listen to it.. nice!

    1. a ah, seanng plus you dont need extra space for it since you do not have to download just stream it :) wee! glad that you like it babe :)

  2. Assalamualaikum illy! wahh bestnya. nak dengar gakkkk. thanks sharing dear :)

    1. Walaikumusalam Sheila :) jom jom! hehe you are most welcome babe <3

  3. yay yay Cik Illy, thanks a lot for your share yah!


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