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I bet almost everyone know that Laughter is the best medicine right? Life is short why wasting on non-postive taught? Life is so precious, everyone need a laugh therapy once in a while. I believe laughter is the most universal way to spread happiness. Well, this month trough out whole September 2013, TGV Cinemas launched their latest thematic campaign, TGV LOL. It is something new and I am very happy to be able to be one of the first experience it last two weeks during the premier.

Allow me to share about the TGV LOL campaign, all you need to do is purchase the RM 35 TGV LOL ticket then you will be entertained with stand up comedy by Papi Zak and Grumpy (stand-up comedians turn radio announcers) and a comedy movie. Well, this weekend 6 and 7 September 2013, you will be able to catch Grown-ups 2 movie!! Check out the poster below :




If you cant make it this weekend, no sweat yaa… The next show will be exclusive movie marathon in partnership with Star Radio Group on September 2 with the movies Grown-Ups 1& 2 and also the screening of the much talked about Internship which begins on September 12. Want FREE Passes?? You may to listen to Capital FM, Suria FM and 988 to win passes to the movie marathon. Exciting!!  I personally would love to watch Internship. Have you check out the trailer yet?


Incase you are curious, check out the pictures below and feel the excitement!

Guests getting ready for the show

Guests warming up for the stand-up and movie


Guest enjoying a light moment in ChillX before TGV LOL


At this moment, you may enjoy all this at TGV One Utama as it is the pioneer campaign.. Who knows that this might be the next beat thing?? Given with a big hall with a good sound system and the gradient seating, it is actually a nice setup for a stand up comedian show in my opinion. Well, are you interested?? If you do, here is the summary of what you will get for you money.. Totally worth it if you ask me, good laugh (chillax session) + new experience (stand up comedy in a cinema) +  comedy movie + 2 movie pass (you may redeem next visit) + Chill*x Voucher (RM10 have you tried out their burger? yummy!) = RM 35 per person. *wink*wink* what more could I say right?



If you would like to secure you tickets please  log onto or you may also try out their TGV Mobile App which you may download from the apps store! Thanks to TGV Cinemas and The Butterfly Projects for the kind invite to the premier. I will definitely grab two tickets and enjoy it with my husband.


  1. Assalamualaikum illy! bestnyaaaa. jangan lupa enjoy dengan ur hubby yeee :)

    1. best gelak2 n lepak2 :) nanti Shiela pun try la k?

  2. LOVE LOVE your blog theme!!!!!!!!!!! How did you do it? and the cursor!!!!!! <3 it :)

    1. thanks babe :) Sabrina help me to design it.. The cursor you may just search for free cursor and add into the html part :) they have tutorial on how to install it :) Have fun!

  3. Replies
    1. dont worry babe, next show is Internship which begins on September 12 :)


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