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As promised, here is my second post for The Lost World of Tambun (my first post click here) and in this post I am going to share about the Theme Park! weeehooo! When we arrived, we gather at the main entrance for a group photo before we go into the Theme Park. I love the group photo, it looks so fun and cheerful. 


That is me rocking n head-banging since I am so happy!


We were escorted to the Kepura Cave. Do you know what makes this Kepura Cave so interesting?? Well, it is an actual cave (not man made!!) and they turned it into a dining hall. Isnt that amazing? There are actual stalagmites and stalactites in the cave. With all the lighting, it looks so surreal. My first experience having lunch in such a beautiful and unique atmosphere.  What a memorable experience!


Once we got our tummy full, we hop on a train for an interactive tour! Check out the happy faces.


Our first stop is at the Petting Zoo. I had such a fun time there. Acucu (their raccoon) is super cute and tame. We experience giving food to birds, and I love the open zoo concept since it is so interactive. Those who have the guts, you may snap picture with snakes ( I have to skip this, I am terrified of reptiles).  Nonetheless, I had so much fun snapping pictures with blogger friends and checking out the petting zoo.


The animals are super cute and well trained. If you have kids or younger siblings or even cousins or nieces/nephew, this would be a great place to bring them to experience close contact with animals. Even if you are a couple and bored with checking out shopping malls on every other weekends, I would suggest you to just drive out or take a train to Ipoh and spend you weekend at The Lost World of Tambun and enjoy what they have to offer in their 100,000 square feet Petting Zoo. Who may play with rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, African Dwarf Goats and Dee. Not just that their aviary houses over 500 birds from 18 species with all-time favorites such as cockatoos, mandarin ducks and peacocks.


After the Petting Zoo, we visited the Tin Valley where we experience live demo and have a hands on on the “mendulang” activity. History flash….. do you know that Ipoh is known as Tin Ore City last time? The state's administrative capital of Ipoh was known historically for tin-mining activities!

The fun does not stops there, after the “mendulang” activities we went to Dulang Tea House for tea time. We had “Kopi” of coz laa.. Ipoh also famously known for their coffee hehehehe.. then we had some eggs and yummy buttered bread.

Once we had our tummy filled (once again hehehee.. Arigato!) we were then divided into 6 groups for our next activity. The treasure hunt.. Woot! woot! Honestly, with all the adrenaline rush (because of being happy n well feed) and stuff (and age factor ahem.. ahem..) I am tired but it is not like everyday I got to run around like headless chicken with friends in a themepark right?  hahahaha So I decided so just the fun.

output map-front-new logo2012-06-19

output map-back-new logo2012-06-18

Each team were given with clues and some questions, once they arrived at the locations they need to snap a group photos. The fun part was trying to locate all the main attractions signboard. My whole team end up running and laughing all the way.. We were obviously tired but we had so much fun! To me it was worth it.


That’s us, running around looking for clues and snapping pictures!


Check out our group pictures. hehehe, can you see how in rush we were? (senget2 and pictures of only forehead, hurry + funny post and stuff.. hahahaa)  We put lots of effort and I love than my whole team is super sporting!  We have Maple, Cik Lily, Kay, Anis and Jeniffer fur fur in my team.  We didnt win, but we had such a GREAT time. Congrats to the winning team!

Next, we were lead to Lost World of Tambun Hotels to check in (check out my entry about their hotel here) and once check in we had our free and easy time to enjoy the park. Tammy and I rent the floating stuff ( I think it is called floating tube/riders ) and we enjoy the longest man made river in Malaysia 660 meter okay… Next we enjoyed swimming before we go for a roller coaster ride and giving food to swan (YES! they have swans the white and the black one super cute!) and then we got to watch the big cat feeding session. When I say big, it is BIG. I forgot the name of the cats but it looks like a dog I mean in terms of size and their fur is just so pretty. 

Then we walked back to our hotel to change and relax before enjoying our dinner (yummy bbq) and our Hot Springs & Spa session. I will share the more about the awesome Hot Springs & Spa and our yummy dinner in my next entry. Please stay tune and thank you for taking time reading my experience.

Well, you to could go and experience it for yourself, bring your love ones, family members or friends to enjoy the fun together!  The entry charges for the park is RM 48 for adult, RM 41 for children and children below 90cm in height get to come in free of charge.  If you would like to go in a group, they have a Group package with minimum number of 30 persons and you may contact them for more info.

LWOT location map

Address: No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

Tel: 605 542 8888

Fax: 605 542 8899

E-mail: lostworldoftambun@sunway.com.my

Website: www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com




The Lost World of Tambun

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Picture credit to Henry Lee and The Lost World of Tambun  

(I did some minor editing on the pictures)


  1. What a wonderful trip, lets go there again someday!

    1. it is babe :) setuju!! next time kite pergi together- gether lagik! <3

  2. assalamualaikum illy, bestkan.. jum repeat lagi. tak puas sebab nak main air dengan pelampung...

    1. wa'alaikumusaalam Sheila :) memang best pun! okay next time kite rendam lama2 heheheehe

  3. Enjoy reading kak Illy blogpost :) tak sabar ni nak menaip entry anis.. Really enjoy the trip.. Hoping there will be more blogger getaway ^_^

    1. Arigato Anis!! :) chaiyok for your entry <3 nanti dtg baca :) hehehe

      more blogger trip?? AMin ya rabal alamin!! :P hehehehe

  4. Enjoy sangat time tu..
    Thank you thebutterfly project ♡♡

    1. itu la pika, memang syiok sangat :) hehehe

      Thanks to all of the sponsors too! <3

  5. What an experience I shall never forget! ^^

    1. cant agree more with you babe! :) lari ke hulu kehilir sambik gelak2 macam mane nak lupa hahahaha :P

  6. Replies
    1. arigato Yukiko :) the spending time with friends at theme parks it really fun! <3 Weee!

  7. thanks for the review... it does make my planning to go here easier :) appreciate it :)

  8. So much of joys u had there. Lost World of Tambun is really a great place for excitements.


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