Ergobaby Sharing Session–Introducing Ergobaby Wrap, Ergobaby Swaddler, Ergobaby 360’ Baby Carrier


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Olla everyone Smile 

How are you today? If you are on my social sharing sites then you might know that I am super loving my Ergobaby wrap! You might also noticed that I’ve upload some pictures of the Ergo event that I went to recently. So, today I decided to share my experience with 2 of the latest product range by Ergobaby as well as what I have learned at the event.

Have you heard about Ergobaby before? If you are a mummy, then I surely know you do. Founded in 2003, Ergobaby and its award-winning carriers were born out of the desire for mobility and comfort for both parent and baby, allowing parents to carry their baby from birth to toddler (7-45 lbs). Ergobaby now offers a broad range of innovative baby carriers, strollers, car seats, and related products to help meet the needs of today’s parents and enable an active parenting lifestyle. Ergobaby is headquartered in Los Angeles and is sold in more than 650 retailers and webshops in the United States and internationally in about 50 countries. Amazing right?

Almost all mother want the best for their precious lil angel, including me. This is why I am now even more passionate about the right ergonomic carrier for my baby after I learn on how important of keeping the baby posture right. The practicalities of baby carriers have made them very popular, but with such a great array of different carriers available on the market including slings, pouches, wraps and backpacks,(So many to choose from and I understand it can be overwhelming at times) it becomes tricky to know which one to choose (if any), and when.



Thanks to Dr. Moira, she helped me to understand further.Carrying your baby can have a number of worthwhile benefits. Research has found that using tools such as slings saves 16% more of your energy compared to carrying a baby in your arms.The warmth and closeness of parents carrying their baby close to them makes the baby feel safe and calm, even if it suffers from tummyaches or sleep disorder. Through the constant body contact, important senses are stimulated, like the sense of touch and sense of balance. It also promotes the development of speech.

A baby’s body develops in direct response to multiple sensory stimuli through touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight. Carrying babies actively promotes their general body development in response to various stimuli such as: skin-to-skin contact (the baby’s body swaddled against the parent’s), continuously felt movement, smell of the skin, sound of a heartbeat or a voice, taste of the skin and recognition of the face that is only a few centimetres away. These stimuli are particularly helpful for premature babies whose development is at an earlier stage than full-term babies. Newborns can be carried while they sleep, so baby carrying presents a natural form of prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

So, what positive effects can baby carrying have on your baby's physical development? The skin is the largest organ of the human body. When babies are carried tight against their parent’s body, their own body adapts to the adult’s shape and senses their movement. In fact, the skin is a human being’s most developed organ at birth and therefore, the one that the baby can communicate with the best. Baby carrying therefore contributes to mobility development and to acquiring balance and walking rhythm.

The baby’s back can develop correctly due to the ergonomic design of the baby carrier. The baby carrier supports the sitting position that a child instinctively adopts at birth. This position allows the child to maintain a curved spine, which is naturally present at birth and is also present during the first few months. The baby’s hips, still not fully developed at birth, develop ideally in the anatomically correct natural sitting position which can also prevent hip dysplasia.

A newborn’s skull is still soft, during the first year it will grow by 12 cm approximately. Still in a phase of growth, it can easily become deformed if the infant's head is rested on the same side for prolonged periods. Vertical baby carrying can avoid this flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly).

So how do you pick the best carrier for your baby and you? Just like to share, here are 8 Key Considerations you want to keep in mind when choosing your Baby Carrier:

1.Age of your Baby

2.Weight & Height of your Baby

3.Physical Development Stage of your Baby

4.Ergonomics of the Baby Carrier

5.Quality of the Baby Carrier

6.Ease of Use of the Baby Carrier

7.Aesthetics of the Baby Carrier

8.Your Purpose for the Baby Carrier

I can go all day explaining one by one, but maybe we keep that for another post. *Wink wink*. As for me, I am very happy that I was given a chance to share my experience using Ergobaby wrap. I am more than happy to spread love about baby wearing. I must be completely honest that at first, I am a little bit sceptical about wrap.

How can I tie it? Will it be safe and secure enough for my baby? Will she be comfortable in it? I am glad that I tried it and I am so in love with the wrap. My baby is still young she is currently approaching 3 months and which is why I opted for the wrap instead. Babies of this age range are used to their position in the womb and would likely prefer the more natural curled up or froggy position when their are being carried.

P/s: I have ordered the 360’ Carrier like the one used by Nana Mahazan in the picture below. Cant wait for it to arrive so that I could start using it when Sofea is around 6 months or so. Maybe, I write a post of my experience using it in future post. What do you think? Would you be interested to read it?






At the event, I was also given an opportunity to share on how to wear the wrap. I was so nervous! In my heart was like dup dap dup dap… hahaha.. Well, If you do it at home it is so less dramatic compared to when you have all eyes on you! Trust me it is so easy, you will get the hang of it within minutes. I was thinking to record a simple video on how to do the wrap but I still haven't got the time to do so. I will try my very best to record and upload it soon! Smile 

Another plus point… being a breastfeeding mum, I wanted the best comfy carrier for my baby and it would be great if it I can also breastfeed my baby while wearing the carrier. So, if you are wondering can I breastfeed on the go with it? Yes, as with all of our Ergobaby Carriers, you can breastfeed while on the go. This can be done in either the hip or front inward facing positions. Hip hip hooraay!!



Like I mentioned earlier, I was also given an opportunity to share my experience using Ergobaby Swaddler. The first moment I have it in my hand, I was like “wow so canggih this swaddler!” It is super easy to use thanks to the “zap zap” thingy. I also love the super cute leg pouch.

Compared to using the traditional swaddler, I have to pin it and I don't know why for some reasons Sofea still be able to take out her hands out from the swaddler. Like it keeps on waving while she sleep and sometime her hand mistakenly touched her face and that makes her napping time so much shorter. Oh nooooooooooooooooo! 

Good news is, I dont have to face that with this Ergobaby swaddler, since her hand are well secured thanks to the cute arm pockets. Plus the pocket allow her to have her hands in the “hands to heart” position. Another important thing is that, my mind is relax when I know her hip and legs are in healthy position. Do you know that the traditional way of super tight swaddling from the lower part of the body is not healthy for your baby and there is a posibilities that your baby could suffer from hip dysplasia? Your baby need to have “front-leg” position as it is the ergonomic position for them. Here is a tip, always make sure start from the hip below so not pull your swaddler too tight!




Check out how calm and relax she looks when I put her swaddler on. It helps her to sleep longer, so that she will be able to relax and develop healthily. Awwww… I just cant stop staring at her picture.



Thank you for again to Ergobaby for hosting the event and for inviting me to share my experience. I am now a passionate ergobaby user! Smile  For more info do check out or


  1. awww!!!! comel..... and most important baby feels comfortable!

  2. thank you babe :) n yes you are absolutely right.. most important is that baby feel comfortable n growing healthily <3

  3. Looks really great and comfortable, both for mum and kid. :) <3

    1. it is very comfortable :) it help to ensure that baby are in ergonomic position and mummy wont have back ache as well <3

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    1. Thank you, it is very comfortable even for mummy :)

  5. i totally agree in choosing a good baby carrier :) i love baby carrying and will definitely recommend to all mummies out there :) most important choose a good carrier and baby comfy, mummy happy :)

  6. Nak try wrap pulak lepas ni ;)

  7. Comelnye sofea kecikkkk. Bulat :D

    Saya mula search pasal baby carrier bile suami yang kata nak pakai both baby carrier and stroller. research punya research, we ended up beli carrier je. lagi senang

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