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I have one important question here. When is the last time you pamper yourself? What If I tell you that I am hosting a giveaway and 10 of my readers will each get a customised treatment for facial or slimming! and yes.... you may pick either for slimming or face. Before I go into that, I would like to share my experience enjoying the session I had last couple of weeks all thanks to MayFair Bodyline.

Everyone deserved a pampering session every now and then. Appreciate yourself and take the time to deeply love yourself. We all have amazing talents and gifts that no one else has.It is so important to take time to do nice things for ourselves. Especially for those of us who spend much of our time helping and caring for others, it is too easy to neglect ourselves and become worn out, stressed out and run down.

Self-pampering is not about being selfish. It's about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others. We spend so much time and effort caring for our spouses, children, pets, friends, family members, employers and employees. Add to that numerous volunteer activities, errands, housework, family functions, meetings, etc. - and there isn't much time left for caring for ourselves. Be kind and gentle with yourself. If you don't make the time to care for yourself, who else is going to? So ya, I decided to take care of myself before I could take care of those around me and you should too…

Do you know that Mayfair is currently having a promotion you need to pay only RM29 for 5 treatments. The normal price will cost you thousands!! So this is the best time to pamper yourself and enjoy this promo. *wink wink*


MayFair have 31 outlets nationwide, from KL to Selangor to Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor you name it. I decided to visit their outlet at Pavilion as it have been awhile since I went to Pavilion. Well, you can always go to the outlets nearest to you instead. As I arrived, I was ushered into the consultation room. Nice or not the room? clip_image0021I love the big comfy sofa!

During the consultation, I was requested to fill up a form which look just like the one below.Did you know that I was 79.5 kg during my final term of pregnancy? I am quite happy that I managed to shed off those extra kilo. The moment I was at the weighing machine and the device shows 60.4kg I am already super duper happy!! (Haven't even start my treatment hahaha..) Apart from that, I was consulted and my height were measured (last time I measure at hospital 157, now 156 am I getting more pendek?) and of coz these info needed to check my BMI.




All that info is needed in order for MayFair Bodyline consultant to advice you one which treatment is more suitable for you. After all, everybody is unique so which is why it is nice to know which area can be enhance. After checking all that, next the consultant helps me to find out my skin type and skin issue thanks to the skin analysis camera. I was informed that I have combination skin which is congested. Which means certain area of my face is dehydrated while the rest is oily. My customized treatment of the day is to help me improve my facial skin condition and to slim plus firm up my tummy area (thanks to being pregnant and those extra weight that I loss drastically I now have a flabby tummy). In order to achieve this I was consulted to go for the Slim Master treatment , CLA Chili Slimming and Heat Circulation body treatment for my body and for my Perfect Herbal Mask Treatment for face.


I was then kindly ushered into the treatment room. I got to try their VIP Room. I like this treatment room as it is very cozy. They have nice sofa to relax, a giant mirror and a sink. I like that the room was tidy and quite spacious. One of the thing I noticed when I step into the room is the calming music. By listening to the music itself, it helps to relieve some burdens of my chest. My mind automatically tells me to just chill out, keep calm and enjoy this self-pampering session.



One of my favourite part during the treatment was when I am having my mask herbal mask on. My therapist of the day is Doreen Goh. She is very skilful and she helps to explain everything she does the procedure on me. This Perfect Herbal Mask is aiming to suck out all of my impurities so my skin will be healthy and smooth. I like the smell of the herbal mask as well which is a plus point!

The Perfect Herbal Treatment targets oily, combination skin or acne prone skin. It improves the visibility of open pores and reduces the level of the sebaceous gland. It has active ingredients like “Burdock” which moisturises in depth and stops or reduce any inflammation. It has benefits of anti-microbial, bateriostatic and anti-fungal functions as well. “Ylang Ylang is also another active ingredients which smoothens and purifies skin. It prepares skin for a better penetration for serum or moisturises and balances sebaceous gland. “Aloe Vera Extract” provides moisturising and regenerating effect. “Willow Extract” which is high in salicylic acid is to fight the excess oil.



Then I did the IST Detoxification Facial. I was told that my skin needed a detox during this treatment I get to try the electric wave injection using NL 909 Ion Static is effective use High Frequency Vibration Wave technology which combines 10 beneficial within one single treatment. Formulated by our cutting edge slimming & beauty expert, this revolutionary machine is utmost on internal healing, where charges from the energy health instrument flow through the entire body and effectively in slimming, beauty and promote energy health. Guaranteed no any side effect.

I can felt the vibration it is not as scary like what others said. I mean I tried numerous facial treatments before but I never experience facial with this technique. As usual, my face were cleansed, tone and then follow by steaming right before extraction were done. Before the machine were used on my face, Doreen helped to put a cooling gel to the skin being treated to provide a barrier so the RF hand piece can glide on the skin and provide less discomfort.

After the treatment, my skin felt like it have been rejuvenate and fresh. I touched my face and it is so smooth. Me likey!!





For my body treatment,I was treated with Slim Master and Heat Circulation treatment. Firstly, my body was treated with Chili CLA slimming program using signature special formulation of Mayfair Chili Cream to stimulate breaking down of fats, and burn tons of calories with the special exercise machine in the extensive body exercise therapy. CLA Chili Slimming is one of Mayfair’s successful treatment and being one of the first few slimming industry in Malaysia which started it. With the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds, the active elements in capsicum can be effective and rapidly stimulate the decomposition and excretion of the body fats. Never knew chili is that awesome when it comes to slimming treatment for the body. Good to know it now!

When the therapist applied the CLA Chili Cream and wrapped my body, I felt a bit of tingling sensation ( I bet the Chili Paste is doing their work where it starts to penetrate and burn fats) and thanks to the wrap my body felt tight. Then, Doreen the therapist setup the heat blanket on the treatment bed and I laid on it then she cover my whole body with the hot blanket. During the session I am sweating which is good as that is how it supposed to be.


I was also treated with Slim Master and Heat Circulation treatment. Doreen the experienced therapist at Mayfair Bodyline use machine with electron stimulation technique to dissolve and release stored fat in cell membranes.

As for the Slim Master session, the intensive ultra-sound that creates and generates micro-bubbles which hits the surface of fat cells to emulsify them. Then it is absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system to be eliminated from the body. It also stimulates the body to increase secretion of LPL enzyme which decomposes the fatty acids into energy.

As mentioned earlier, I also experience the heat blanket treatment. For the heat blanket in which may aid in relieving muscle, improving blood circulation and reducing fluid retention. This heat blanket treatment, aid the slimming process and helps me to become slimmer faster! I was sweating during the heat blanket session. In a good way, as I know my body is reacting to the treatment given.

After the session, I felt refreshed! My body felt lighter my tummy felt firmer and considering this is my first session, I am impressed with the result! Now I am considering to opt for the package. Anyway here is the FUN part clip_image0022


10 of my readers will each get a customised treatment!

all you need to do is just comment why you want this pampering session by Mayfair


Dont forget to write you name, email and the answer in the comment section. Thank you for reading my humble post and All the best to everyone! dont forget that everyone including you deserved a pampering session every now and then clip_image0023


More info about Mayfair Bodyline and their services do check out the link below:


  1. Name : Shini Lola
    Email :
    Answer : I wish to try on the Heat blanket treatment because I gained weight a lot so I hope I can become slimmer by trying this treatment. Confident is essential. I guess I lose confidence because of my fat problem. =( I hope I can find the confidence again.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Shini |

  2. Name: Miriam Goh
    Answer: I wish to try the slimming treatment because I've been trying so hard to shed off all my extra kilos the past few years and I really need that last push to get me to my desired shape. I weighed a lot in the past and have been working hard to get fit. This treatment will really help me break down the 'degil' fats in my body and make me beautiful. Thanks Kak Illy! Btw.. congrats on Baby Sofea. Super cute :)

  3. OMG ILLY!!! This is so what I've been dying to try out! Bestnya bestnya.. and for sure I wanna try my luck too.

    Name : Amira Shaiful
    Email :

    Answer : Why I so wanna try this pampering session by Mayfair is because 1 of my friends had tried it out and I was so shocked on how much she loosed weight. Was rather envy too cause she looks stunning since she's slimmer and looked more healthier.
    So, biasalah, a girl will always be a girl and of course every girl wants the perfect ideal body for them and I had the perfect body when I was in form 5 and now I'm 22 and I gained over 15kg since then. Aaaaaa....The number is so big and every year I dream that I have to loose all these fat but cannot, is the so degil fat that won't budge. Eventhough I try exercising or controlling my diet I just manage to loose about 2kg or 3kg only.
    What makes it worst it I ain't getting any taller and of course you would know me as a petite person. I sometimes feel like a penguin on certain days where I feel extra fat and that makes me really loose confident for myself. It may also show that I'm not that healthy as before and I get tired quite quickly and I'm still in my early 20's.
    Its presuring for me cause I really am not comfortable with my weight right now and sometimes I just give up going out cause I can't find the right outfit that doesn't make me look like a balloon. So when I read your blogpost it kinda gave me hope that I might be able to loose some of these stubborn fats and make me more confident again.
    Besides that, its a pampering session and just tell me which girl don't like to be pampered right? So yes I am so looking forward for a free trial from Mayfair and their current promotion is so tempting. I am so ready saying goodbye to my extra fats.

    Thanks Illy for this giveaway. <3

    1. Wow!! Impressive entry :) thank you for joining babe!

  4. Seronoknya dpt manjakan diri mcm ni!

  5. Wow!!! I would love to be able to go down a few kg especially after eating so much during raya! Im not much of an all that rendang and lemang and kuih raya is still there...increasing day by day.. i can't help it though, i love my food!!!! Hehe

  6. husna amalia, zashleysweet95@gmail .com...
    hai..i really want to go to mayfair bcoz i needto put my body in normal shape back..i did lose some fat before but my skin get sagging or mggeleber..i already tried to put many shapping cream but it didnt work..stressssss...n i have lots of cellulite to get rid i really hope u choose me...tq

  7. My name is Ili

    i really want this pampering session desperately because i gain a lot of un-healthy weight this year due to over loaded stress in work place, beside, in my age i really need to have parmanent beauty place to go once in every 2 weeks to pamper myself, thus this opportunity is good for me to try Mayfair beauty parlour. i really do love to have this opportunity.


  8. My Name Hazirah abdul halim



    Why i want this pampering session by mayfair: I'm just graduated from university and about to go on onto an adult life,in my opinion,before anything i want to first try to pampered myself and make a good first impression on my interview later on and on my first day of job.This could be a good reason right?hehe.Furthermore,i have been trying to loose weight since two years ago. being a chubby girl with a flabby tummy and big thigh on my age for me,it making me lost my self confidence a little bit. I have been trying a lot of methods to shed some weight but it just making me love the food even more and gaining more weight than I should.This pampering and slimming methods i haven't tried yet,because i have no introduction to it,i hope this could be my first exposure into this kind of experience,it would be nice if i could loose some weight in this and having to pampered myself. I do love to have this kind of opportunity been given to me. thank you sis. Assalamualaikum.

  9. hot hot chili padi paste to make u burn fat. hehehehheeee

  10. Looks like some awesome treatments they have there


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