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Tight spaces are the easiest places for plaque to build up and the toughest to clean since straight bristle toothbrushes struggle to reach them. But Oral-B Pro-Health range of Criss Cross bristles attack plaque from the perfect angle – an optimal 16 degrees - cleaning better than a complete oral care regimen is equally important as good oral care empowers a person to engage, express and connect better. Oral-B with its complete portfolio of dental care products is in a position to provide our consumers, confidence behind their smiles.

Oral-B Pro-Health 7 Benefits toothbrush

The first step to good oral hygiene is addressing the problem at its root through effective and efficient plaque removal. Oral-B's CrossAction Pro-Health 7 Benefits toothbrush offers consumers proven plaque removal power with its unique Criss Cross bristles that are angled at 16 degrees and helps remove up to 99% of plaque in hard to reach areas.

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Floss has a unique technology to deliver deep cleaning power, provides a cool, clean feeling every time you floss and is strong and shred resistant with a light coating of Oral-B Pro-Health Tooth & Gum care Mouth Rinse with its 2-in-1 action, fights cavities, freshens breath and its alcohol free formula is suitable for everyone especially those with sensitive mouth and gum. The Oral-B Pro-Health Rinse contains fluoride to fight cavities more effectively than brushing alone. The mouth rinse also contains Cetyl-pyridinium Chloride, a clinical proven ingredient to help reduce plaque formation.


Build Up Confident Smiles, Not Plaque! Half of Malaysians do not understand what plaque is and they do not know the implications of plaque but Malaysians do associate oral health problems with confidence. 78% of Malaysians agreed that they will feel less confident with tooth decay, while 77% agreed that they will feel less confident if they had bad It is with this in mind that Oral-B, the oral care experts with more than 50 years of experience, launched the Oral-B “Plaque Off. Smile On” campaign to create awareness on what plaque is; its implications and how to achieve bright, beautiful and confident smiles. After all, having confidence about the health of our mouths empowers us to engage, express and connect better with others thus, letting us experience more in life.

The launch, hosted by P&G Malaysia and supported by Guardian Malaysia is in collaboration with the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA). Dr Teh Tat Beng, President of MDA and Dr Chow Kai Foo, Oral Surgeon and Oral Implantologist were present at the event to talk about oral care, plaque and its causes and the best plaque removal solution.


Also present at the launch was popular award-winning Malaysian actress and Oral-B brand ambassador Lisa Surihani, who shared her thoughts about why being plaque-free is important.

Speaking at the launch, Jiraphat Thansandose, Assistant Brand Manager for Oral-B ASEAN said: “Due to low oral care involvement and knowledge, that is to say *half of Malaysians do not know what plaque is and how to prevent it, many Malaysians have suffered from some kind of oral health issues and this has affected them emotionally where almost 80% admitted they felt less confident in engaging with others due to their oral health condition.”

“Choosing the right toothbrush is important to effectively remove up to 99% of plaque. Oral-B Pro-Health range of toothbrushes gives the best plaque removal solution with its unique 16 degree golden angle as it effectively removes plaque from hard to reach areas.”

He added: “The Oral-B brand has a complete portfolio of dental products and is the world’s No. 1 dentist recommended toothbrush brand **. With this strong brand DNA, Oral-B in Malaysia is in a position to provide consumers with the complete know-how in good oral health practices to achieve In his speech, Dr Teh, President of MDA said: “The continued promotion and awareness of oral health is the key to empowering people towards achieving not only optimum oral health but in parallel, optimum overall health. The relation between healthy oral care and the overall well-being of a person is important as it builds confidence which is an important trait to have to succeed in.

He added that the “Plaque Off. Smile On” campaign by Oral-B to educate consumers on plaque is timely as plaque is one of main causes of a number of oral health problems such as bad breath, tooth decay, sensitive teeth and gum inflammation.

Dr Chow Kai Foo, Oral Surgeon and Oral Implantologist was also on hand to talk about plaque and why choosing the right toothbrush is important to ensure efficient plaque removal especially in hard to reach areas of the teeth, on a daily basis.

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In conjunction with the Oral-B “Plaque Off. Smile On” campaign, Oral-B in collaboration with MDA will provide free dental screening at selected 50 dental clinics nationwide, including Sabah and Sarawak, commencing end November 2014. For more information on the free dental screening,


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