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Olla people!

How are you today? Hope everything is awesome. For me, life as a mum is soooo wonderful. I felt like I have been rebirth. Like I am a new person and I saw things soo differently with a mother “lenses” nowdays. I am soooo in love with my baby and she is on my mind like every second of the day. Which is why my favourite part of spending time and bonding with her is when I wear my baby carrier. Am I the only one feeling this way? Do you love baby wearing as well? If you do, then this post might be helpful for you Smile 

Apart from the obvious reasons, allow me to share with you about my experience using ergo360 and why I am deeply in love with it. Shall we begin? First of all, to me baby wearing are like clothes. Some prefer to wear certain type of clothes for certain type of function depending where you wanna go, what you wanna do and such.. Personally I have two types of baby carrier, the first is the ergowrap and of cause the second one is this ergo360 baby carrier. So why do I even have both? Both can be used from newborn and have their own special features. Personally, I love both of them equally. I wrote about my experience using my ergowrap earlier and today I decided to share more about ergo360.

ergo box collage

Lets check out the packaging, I love that the packaging is compact and very detail. So, when you are wondering around the shop.. you get to know as much info before you make your purchase. One of the key feature of ergo360 is the ability to have 4 types of position to carry your love lil angle. Compared to the other range carried by ergobaby this is the only carrier that have a front-facing position. So you can have more choices on how to carry your baby.

TIPS : Please do look out for the certified sticker from bloom&grow and get your new carrier from a genuine distributer. You can check out the list of authorised seller from blom&grow website.


It is extremely important to get a genuine carrier as you might not want to risk the safety of your baby. Just like make up or skincare, would you use counterfeit products to save some cost but at the end risking your skin? Or would you buy a counterfeit spare parts for your car and risk the safety or everyone on-board? For me personally, I cant afford to risk my baby falling down or end up in a sticky situation. I just cant bear the heart pain even by thinking of it. It is better to be paranoid than sorry. If you can spend few thousands for a new phone, maybe you can also spend portion of that amount for a quality and safe carrier for your baby. To me it is all about putting where your priorities are Smile P/s: I don't have an expensive phone.


Anyway, as you open the box. This is how it looks like. You will also get a manual on how to use your ergo360. I like the manual so much as I found it very useful and detail. If you are not the reading type, you can always check out their website to check on “how to wear” videos.

ergobaby manual

My baby and I love the front inward facing position the most. I love how, it is very easy for me to keep kissing my baby face and keep her head near so she can hear my heart beat and feel safe. Lets have an even closer look at the carrier itself.





I like this zipper section. It work as head support for my baby like a mini pillow. The best part about it, inside of the zipper you can find like a small hood in black colour that act as a head cover for your baby. I love using it when breastfeeding so it help to cover during my baby “susu-time” and if the location that I am going is too bright I can also put it on to give my baby some privacy. Apart from protecting my baby from the sun, I noticed that she sleep longer and seem calmer under the hood.



Check out the big button Smile I found that it is very easy for me to adjust my baby carrier because the button is big! As you can see, the inner portion of the seat have few buttons as well. These button can be adjusted if you would like to opt for the 4 carrier options.


Next we have this padded shoulder straps. Can you see how thick it is? This unique form-fitting Ergonomic Padded Shoulder Strap distributes the weight of your case over your shoulder for greater comfort. So, mummy can enjoy carrying their baby comfortably. yeay!



I found it very easy to maintain as well, thanks to my colour choice (check out other colours option from their website) stain is not so visible and I could just clean it using my washing machine. At first, I was thinking to send it for dry cleaning. Luckily, I checked the label and saw the “no-dry cleaning” sign. Once done washing, it can be tumble dried.

Thats about it. I really love my baby carrier and have been using it very often. I love how it is very comfortable and help me to bond with my baby. I wear it when ever I go out (I prefer to use the ergowrap at home). I can go shopping so easily with no worries about bulky stroller. I can even enjoy yummy food at restaurant and it is just wonderful to have both hands free to do more shopping Smile  My husband and I can even take a “wefie” together with our baby during shopping time..haha.. 



Being a part time blogger, it makes so much easier for me to bring my baby to launch and events. See how my baby end up sleeping in the pictures? Yes, she do that all the time.. It is so comfy I might give a nickname to my carrier. Maybe I can call it the “sleeping magnet”. hahahaha… it is soo comfy that my baby cant resist but to sleep in it most of the time Smile 

That's about it. Thank you for reading my humble post. I hope you gain some insight from this post. Just incase if you are in the market to get a baby carrier. Ergobaby have great selections of carrier base on what you prefer, do check out their website to get more info. Ergo360 is the latest edition to Ergobaby carrier and currently retailing at RM689.






* Product courtesy by Bloom&Grow and Ergobaby . This is my personal experience. I spent personal time and put in personal effort on this blogpost.  As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. ergobaby ni ada jual yang jenis travel jugak kan?

    1. ada banyak jenis :) yang travel kena check balik.. tak silap ada yang for outdoor yang warna hijau

  2. haritu saya nampak kat fabulous mum, original tak? dalam 4 ratus lebih

    1. fabulous mum authorized seller, sebab ada dalam list :) ada banyak range.. and kadang2 ada buat discount.. kat mothercare pun ada jual juga

  3. sis nak tanya, kalau pakai carrier ni. SIAP pakai in the car or sampai baru nka pasang kat parking lot?

    1. please dont wear baby carrier in the car, for safety letak baby in car seat :) I normally wear my carrier bila da sampai.. senang jer pakai tak sampai 5 minit

  4. Assalamualaikum illy, bestnya... sheila sampai skrg tak beli carrier. hahaaa dont know how to choose the better one. asyik suka itu ini, terpengaruh je lebih, kihkihhh. sofea comel, tidur macam princess ~~~

    1. waaikumusalam Sheila :) takper slow2 survey mana yang suka :) ada macam2 jenis skang yg wrap yang ssc hehehe... have fun searching for your carrier :)

  5. Saya pakai baby carrier boba 4g. Still tak biasa lagi nak pakai sebab bawak baby keluar pun sekali sekala je. kadang-kadang rasa susah sebab baby merengek tak nak duduk dalam carrier waktu die panas. tapi waktu mood die ok, senang lenang je gendong die dekat depan, tangan kiri kanan pegang beg shopping hahaha

  6. this one is more secure to take care baby

  7. bb seems like so comfortable because is cuddle by mummy

  8. Baby comfortable, mummy happy ^-^


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