DIY Semi Solid Food for Babies


Olla everyone!

My baby is turning 6 months tomorrow, and like most mother out there.. This is one of the moment we have all been waiting for. As it will be the first time our lill angel introduce to food.. yummy!! I personally very excited to check out her expression Smile 

Anyway, it happened to be that invited to celebrate World Children's Day with Paddle Pop at Legoland Malaysia on the day that Sofea going to turn 6 months.(TOMORROW, my husband and I apparently are more excited that our baby hahaha) So, I decided to prepared her with our own homemade semi-solid food. Then, I could bring it over there and feed her.

I decided to go for homemade food, it is the healthier option. I do understand that it can be such a hassle to maintain in the long run. Well, anything for my baby Smile  So today, I decided to share how easy n simple to make your own healthy, nutritious baby food.

baby semi solid food homemade


Carrot & Sweet Corn Baby Food Recipe

Ingredients :

1 organic carrot (steam or boil it)

1/2 organic sweet corn (steam or boil it)

3ml or 1 onz of mummy’s milk or formula milk (up to you)


How to do it :

1) Steam or boil both carrot n your sweet corn until it is soft.

2) Chop it off in big chuck n throw it into food processor and add the milk. I don't have a specific baby’s food processor so I used my blender. It works just fine Smile 

3) You are done. Yabe daa beduuu!


How to keep and feed :

1) You can keep it in a container to be frozen. I put my baby food in those ice cube container (get the medium size) that I bought from Daiso for only Rm5 and it comes with a cover.

2) You can put it in your freezer. To use it, took it out. At first I am going to go with 1 cube per food session.

3) So take out 1 cube and put it into milk storage bag (look for the one with non-bpa, non what-so-ever all that) and then soak the bag into warm water.

4) Once your baby food is soft n warm, it is ready for your lil angel Smile


baby sofea smilling


Hope that you find this post helpful, I cant wait to experiment and try out to make few other variation of baby’s food. I pledge to try my very best to give the best nutrition for my baby. Mummy will try her very best to cook you yummy food with lots n lots of love as one of the ingredients. 

Have a great day everyone! Please pray that we will have a safe trip tomorrow ya… Thank you for all the love and support showered to us. HUGS!



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