10 things every new mother should know




1) Don’t over stocked on new born diapers

The main different between a new born diapers and the S size diapers are the small hole for the baby’s umbilical cord. The umbilical cord normally will fall down within the first week after your baby was born, some even faster. I remember my daughter’s umbilical cord fall out when she was 4 days old. So you just need like 1 full pack of newborn and you are good to go Smile I would suggest to stock up on S size diapers instead. Then again don’t over stock as baby growth rate are just incredible!

2) Maternity Pad is over rated.

I bought like few packs of maternity pad and end up using only few pieces. The normal period pad for night usage that are longer are far more comfortable n stick on undies better than the maternity pad. I found that the maternity pad in the market are too bulky and tend to make mother felt uncomfortable.

3) Get a GOOD Swaddler

Swaddle are better known as “bedung baby” for malays. It is use to keep your baby felt secured in order to mimic the atmosphere in your womb. New born sleep around 16 hours a day. Make sure your swaddler is big enough and soft enough to provide your newborn a good sleep. Do you know that the traditional way of super tight swaddling from the lower part of the body is not healthy for your baby and there is a posibilities that your baby could suffer from hip dysplasia? Your baby need to have “front-leg” position as it is the ergonomic position for them. Here is a tip, always make sure start from the hip below so not pull your swaddler too tight! You don’t need 30 swaddler… 2-5 is a good number for a high quality swaddler. They will only be using it up to 3-4 months. I love the ergobaby swaddler so much! Since her hand are well secured thanks to the cute arm pockets. Plus the pocket allow her to have her hands in the “hands to heart” position. Another important thing is that, my mind is relax when I know her hip and legs are in healthy position.

4) Baby Apps

Since you are currently curious and overwhelmed with so many new things happening in your body and all the changes. Take your time to get as much info as your could. Download baby apps like baby center, where you can check your baby growth to understand more of what is happening.

5) Learn more about your options

Giving birth is a very beautiful and natural thing. Don’t get panic and scared. When I was pregnant, I have this mentality “If all the other women before me could do this, it means I can do this tooo!” Don’t scare yourself with horror stories told by friends or those you read up online. Every person is unique, everyone have their own story to tell. The best thing to do is to found out more about your giving birth option. Also get as much info about pain killers options (epidural/spinal injection/natural birth). Get as much info on pro/cons and this will make it easier for you to decide.

6) Plan your confinement

After giving birth, you need as much rest and assistance. You will only be assisted in hospital for maximum 3 days and after that you will be on your own taking care of your baby. Plan ahead, check out on confinement care package (like confinement villa, bonda vill.. etc) and if you are lucky enough to have your mother or in laws who will be around to look after you.

7) Get a confinement care set

Expensive doesn’t mean good, sometime stuff can be just overrated. Find out what are your concern and do some research to get the best care set for you. I personally got the “set Bersalin Afiat” cost me around rm89.90 and the “tanamera post natal care set” my friends bough as gift this one costing around RM350. You can check out some of the differences of few post natal care set in my link here : http://www.illyariffin.com/2014/01/perbandingan-set-bersalin-selepas.html

8) Go for Organic/Natural

During my pregnancy I decided not take “processed supplement” and opt for the most natural way to get nutrients. I eat lots and lots of greens and fruits. It is most healthy and cost efficient. If you found yourself waking up middle of the night because of leg cramps, drink more milk. Simple as that. Then again do consult with your doctor as every other person’s body work differently

9) One at a time

Preparing for a newborn can be super costly. As most parents wanted the best for their child. My advice, get one thing at a time. You have 9 months to prepare. Look out for warehouse sale or expo to get the best deal. Not everything need to be bought when baby still in tummy. Certain things like baby cot/shoes/walker can be bought when your baby grows. I bought baby cot when my baby is 3 months. Before that we were co-sleeping as it is so much easier to feed her at night.

10) Breast feeding

If you are committed about breastfeeding your baby, take time to learn as much info about expressing, storage and etc. Get mentally and physically prepared. There are so much info about breastfeeding. Take your time to check out on the different type of breast pump in the market and pick the best that suite your need. As your breastfeeding journey will start the day your baby was born.

All the best, and I hope you found this article useful. Do take note that I am not an expert. I am just sharing tips base on my personal experience hoping that it would help other mothers during their decision making. I can’t help but to realise that we tend to focus more on “having” than “being”. Chill, keep calm and I genuinely hoping that each one for you have a wonderful pregnancy experience and blessed with a beautiful healthy child.

Below is the picture of my Baby Sofea when she was just 2 months plus. P/s: I love her till the sun no longer shine and longer if I could.

If you have more tips that worth to be shared, please leave a comment so other new mothers will benefit from it as well. May your new bundle of joy bring happiness in your life and fill a void in your heart. Take pride in loving and raising your little miracle. I know you will be the best parent you can possibly be.



* I am not paid to write this . This is my personal experience (obviously). As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. jaga pemakanan dan orang tua suka bagi nasihat merepek2 dengar angguk2 jer, tak payah ambik semua at the end of the day kita yang punya anak we know what is best for them.

    1. Thank you for sharing your tips :) yang elok ambik bole amalkan <3 after all everyone want the best for our baby

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  3. May I add, dont get too excited on getting that 'perfect' and expensive stroller cause you'll end up finding it not that perfect.

    A good stroller doesn't have to be expensive.

    :) and oh hi! Cute daughter you got there.

    1. you are more than welcome to add up Nurv :) n yes, totally agree with you on that.. :)

      Arigato! nanti i bagi tahu my baby (if only she paham hehehe)

  4. thanks for the tips.. wish i read this when i was pregnant! but thanks for sharing :)
    i would say to invest in a great breast pump that is gentle to the breast,.... i did and did not regret it..
    good nutrient for baby and mummy get to loose weight fast :) hehehe :)

  5. Paling susah lepas bersalin ni saya rasa breast feeding. Ada waktu susu banyak melimpah-limpah, ada masa kesian baby asyik hisap tapi tak puas.

  6. Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  7. thanks for sharing, this is useful


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