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Assalamualaikum, Salam Ramadhan and Olla everyone!

Apart from applying skincare and make up, it is also very important for a woman to feel the freedom to be active and have a total confidence. Well, woman being a woman it is easier said than done. All thank to our friendly “red kawan” who likes to visit us once a month.

The thing about having the “red kawan” visit is that, it just messed up with your hormone and wouldn’t it be great if there is a sanitary pad product that makes the experience far more pleasant? As in no leakage and comfy dry surface.

Today, I would like to share with you about this Laurier Night Safe, which is actually a new innovative sanitary pad range by Laurier. Not just that, I have also done test to check out if it really does what it claimed. Wanna see the result? jeng jeng jeng… wait till end of the post! haha


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If you are the type that has a heavy flow then this is a very good option for you. This sanitary pad is available in 30cm and 35cm in term of length (the one I’m having right now is the 30cm version) and it gave the assurance of no leakage.  In other words, worry free nights that allow you to have a good rest in order to pursue your active lifestyle the next day.

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As you can see it comes with this individual packaging. As you pull that blue sticker it takes out the outer layer all together to make it easier for you to apply it on your undies.

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Then you just take it out like so, to reveal the wing.

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Ta… da… there you go. As you can see, it also comes with a wide hip guard and it also designed with triple wide guard to prevent back leakage, giving you maximum protection.  Yippie yeay! No more “red kawan” leaving stain on your favourite undies!

It makes you felt drier like never before as 80% of fluid reduced and all of that credits to the innovative Quick Dry Mesh Surface & Quick Lock System that able to seal the fluid within the centre core with 2x faster absorption. No leakage of the “red kawan”. This product also claimed to be leaving you 5x drier. I got very curious and end up testing it power haha It really does instantly absorb the fluid…


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As you may saw from the picture above, these are the items for my experiment! Felt like I am back to Microbiology lab during study time..Only this time no lab coat and no fancy equipment needed. haha All you need, is some water. You may use plain water, I decided to use coloured water in green so I can show it clearly here.

In the instagram video below, you may see how effective this product is. The sanitary pad absorbs a lot of water very efficiently. After pouring the water, you can see that I tried to put the paper on top of the pad to check out if it is dry. I am using a small piece of white paper. I just dap it on top and put some pressure on it to check out on the dryness of the pad surface.

Laurier Night Safe Review and tested. ♡♥♡

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laurier night safe

I am very impressed. Like seriously. Nothing. No liquid or what so ever on top of that paper. Good absorption = dryness of the surface. I just have to also mention the cushion is still soft and dry even after the experiment ended. I am very happy when I come across a product that really does and deliver what it claimed. yeay!

Well, don’t just take my word for it, yourself able to do this test at home. You may even compare its effectiveness with your current sanitary pad. I put it to a race with my current one and Laurier Night Safe scored perfectly. Moreover, Laurier Night Safe is easy to wash.




Still dont trust me? Okay fine.. nah go to the link below and claim your free sample to try it yourself. FREE SAMPLE CLICK HERE for more info and details about Laurier Night Safe, do check out Facebook and  Website and  Youtube

Laurier Night Safe


Single Pack:

30cm (8 pads) RM 4.60

30cm (16 pads) RM 8.00

35cm (6 pads) RM 4.60

35cm (12 pads) RM 8.00

Per Twin Pack:

30cm (16 pads) RM 14.30

35cm (12 pads) RM 14.30

(The prices are inclusive of 6% GST)

*Available: In all hypermarket, supermarket, pharmacies and outlets nationwide*


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  1. i pun rasa nak buat experiment balik ni hehe

  2. Replies
    1. was trying to find a decent yet fun way to elaborate :P

  3. Saya memang pakai Laurier. Kalau jenama lain, tak sesuai.

  4. i love laurier :) it makes me feel confident in and out :) comfy too :) thanks for the review ... i never did that test before: )

  5. Using Laurier as well. So far so good ^_^

  6. ah ha~~ I'm using this too~~~ the 30cm length is absolutely comfortable & zero worry on leakage while sleeping. bcos i jenis yang kasar~~~ kekekekkkee

  7. i love Laurier.. for heavy flow, i just love when it is long.. i feel more secure.. hahaha :)

  8. I'm laurier Bff
    Feel secure and confidence when wearing it

  9. I love Laurier
    Make me so comfortable

  10. Using Laurier as well. So far so good ^_^


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