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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
We just went on a family vacation last week and we had such a fun time. Unlike many other families, we do not go for family trip on Dec or the end of the year because of obvious reasons. We try our best to avoid school holiday or public holiday for any of our trip. First of all because it is cheaper (ka—ching), you get to enjoy the same facilities at low season price. Also we do not prefer crowd, let’s face it.. everywhere is super crowded during peak season which we do not enjoy very much. Plus, since Zandria Birthday is on January might as well we celebrate her birthday and go somewhere nice on Jan instead of going for two trips on Dec as well.
Like the rest of our trip, it is pre-planned minimum 6 months ahead. This is to secure the best deal and we get to enjoy early bird discount. When you are a family of four, every single thing cost you four times more so every penny count. We decided to enjoy Club Med Cherating because I have been there before and I love the experience and wanted to enjoy it with my family too.
If you are too lazy to read this blogpost up, then no worries. you can check out the video I prepared in order to have a gauge of the experience staying in ClubMed Cherating. While you are at it, don’t forget to like and subscribe!
Thanks to the highway, it took us only 3 hours of drive from KL to Cherating and it is a smooth journey. There are quite a number R&R around so it is totally kids friendly. This is the reception area of ClubMed. When you  drove your car in, the guard will ask for your booking number and once you arrived at the lobby you will be greeted by GOs and they prepared all the cards, room keys and documentation for you. Also they will give you like a ribbon to tie on your wrist. This helps them to differentiate between guest and other visitors. However, do bear in mind you need to deposit a Cash card worth RM1k. Because everything inside ClubMed is cashless, so if you want to buy any product or services provided you have to use the cash card. It works like a prepaid card.
I love the outdoor feel or the lobby. Very airy with wood detailing.
This is how the Club Room looks like. Comfy pillow and bed, not the best we have tried but also not the worst.
On the other side of the bed, we have another bed for our daughter Sofea and also a baby crib for Zandria. No extra charges of both beds. Inside the cabinet, there is a safety box and extra pillow and a laundry bag.
The bathroom is pretty basic and come with a shower room. I already know there is no bathtub since I been here before so not a big deal of not having one. Sofea actually love the green cup she called them “Frog Garang and Turtle” LOL  Owh ya, the waste chamber (where you do “business”) is at another room. I like the fact that they used big sized toiletries and I found it to be environmental friendlier than the small tube.
They also include a potty, very thoughtful. Parents with little kids would appreciate this.
There is a hair dryer, and some tea bag and coffee bag if you want to. However, I can’t locate the water heater. Not a big deal because we didn’t really utilize the tea bags anyway.
View from our room. I actually appreciate this garden view. I find it to be calming. This round our room is at “cicak” block. The last time I came here my block is located all the way at “Orang Utan” and it is very far from the lobby. In case, you are wondering they name the block by alphabetical order. So, having Cicak “start with C” is way nearer than Orang Utan Block. If you come with kids or elderly do request for room nearer to the lobby. My family and I do enjoy walking so we don’t really mind the distance.  
Owh ya, in case it helps they do have Mini Club for kids above 4 years old. Sofea is going to be 4 this may but they counted by month so technically she is still 3 years old. For kids below 4 years old there are Petit Club and Baby Club. We took half day and also one full day for both the kids. It costed us around additional RM858 for the service. We both think it is money well spent. Our kids get to enjoy their own activities, and we get also have chillax session by the Zen Pool. Talk about Zen Pool in a bit. The Kids Club open at 8.30am until 4.45pm. You can also opt for Pajama Club if you want to have date night with your partner.
You will also be given with this info pamphlet upon check in. ClubMed is well known for its signature ALL-IN holiday. Drinks, meal, water sport and the rest of activities are included. All the info about activities around the resort, and what time does the restaurant operate and so on is written on this. They also have an app for you to check out.
Just to summarize :-
3 Main Food Area – Mutiara, Rembulan (located at the Zen Pool you need to take a shuttle train or walk there) and Noddle Bar.
Mutiara – Serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Rembulan – Simple Lunch, Dinner. The Dinner is only by reservation, you need to book a day before to secure the seat.
Noodle Bar – Tea time and for late night supper.
The first meal we had at the Noodle Bar, it open from 2.30pm – 6pm.
The last time I went they have local options like assam laksa and curry mee. Good to know that they do change the menu every now and then. This round, I ordered Sichuan Noodle with Minced Beef. Not bad at all, tasty and big portion. They also have no spicy options for kids.
After the meal we went back to our room to chillax for a bit before heading to the swimming pool. Sofea is nagging us to go to the swimming pool around a million times by then. We granted her wish and just hang out before going back and refresh before dinner.
ClubMed have attention to details when it comes to kid. They provide kids friendly cutleries as you can see. Thumbs up for that!
My favourite section definitely is the dessert station haha.. The food selection changes every day. We never had the same meal for the whole 3 nights that we stayed there. There are some type of food that is always there like fruits, cereal or nasi lemak. However, the majority of option changes every meal. Easy to say you won’t get bored. The only hard time you’ll have is to decide what to eat because they have Korean station, Japanese station, Chinese station, western station and a couple more station I didn’t really remember the name. My girls are very happy they have ice cream consistently every dinner time LOL
Just beside the main restaurant you can find a baby room. Inside the room there is a fridge filled with yoghurt, fruits, full cream milk and baby puree. Yummy!! Also there is a sterilizer, food processor and the rest of the things baby might need.
We went to the room right after dinner and skip the performance on the first night as we just want to relax after a day of travelling. Woke up feeling fresh in the morning and we enjoy a nice walk in the garden before going to enjoy breakfast. Don’t get fooled by the faces, both of them have not even showered! hahaha
My daughter sofea have this talent where she can mimic a monkey, by the way.
Serene surrounding. Best enjoyed in the morning.
We found mushroom on the bridge. That’s the thing about going to new places and experiencing new things. We get to bump into random stuff like mushroom along the journey. Not all classroom have four walls.  I think it is a good practical learning session with my kids. They get curious and start asking questions. My husband and I enjoy the process and to be apart of their learning curve.
The wooden exterior of Club Med building is nice if you ask me. I like how cozy it looks. To be completely honest, yes the place is more than 2 decade old. However, they do maintain the place and it is still very enjoyable for our family.
Breakfast time. I have a feeling Zandria is actually saying ” Can you please shut up sofea? I’m trying to enjoy my meal here.” Ya.. my first daughter is a talker. Like a radio she can go on and on and on.
After the breakfast, we went walking around and then we saw mini club activities were held. Sofea get to try out the session and according to her it was fun.
Then, we walk around the hotel compound and saw couple of birds. Sofea chased them before the rest of us follow her act. It is quite fun running around chasing birds. We had a good laugh together. P/s: We didn’t get to catch any, the birds are faster than any of us. #blameyummybreakfast
Wanted to try out the Trampoline, but we didn’t as my husband and I prefer to spend as much time as Zen Pool instead haha.. Maybe we can come back for more, next round.
After that we spend time together in the room. Both of my daughters tried to give me a make over. As you can tell, came up with such a “unique” look”. Just want to spend time with them before we sent them to the Petite/Mini club later.
My husband smile to his ears the moment we drop off our kids. HAHAHAHA Victory!! We quickly walk to the shuttle train area to go to Zen Pool. The place is called “Zen” for a reason. Ahemm~~ adult only pool~~
Taaa daaa! This is a sneak peak of the Zen Pool. Basically, where you can just chillax and stare at the ocean. No kids at this area, which what my husband is craving for LOL you can see better footage of the Zen Pool my youtube video. My husband and I spent most of our waking time here at the pool.
Our kids on the other hand are enjoying their time at the Petite and Baby Club.
Since we pick up our kids at around 5pm, there are still plenty of times to kill before dinner. We decided to bring them to enjoy the swimming pool again. Weather is on our side, despite being monsoon season no rain on that evening yeay!
Had this steak for dinner. Yummy! I didn’t really go for another round even if I could because it is already very satisfying for my tummy.
One of ClubMed signature have got to be their daily night entertainment at the amphitheatre. We went straight after our dinner and there is like a kid activities going on. Sofea took part and Zandria was having fun looking at her sister dancing with her new friends. I guess this somehow helps to improve Sofea social skills and boost up her confidence.
After the kid activities, all of the sporting GOs did performance and it was funny and very entertaining.  Even, the Chief Village himself (Mike) is taking part during the performance. We had a good time, laugh a lot and really enjoy ourselves.
We woke up feeling very fresh the next morning, went for breakfast and then send both of our kids for a full day care at Petit and Baby Club. The sweet lady in grey sweater is Sasya. Both of my kids love her and the rest of the GOs at Petit and Baby Club including abang Azfar, Taylor, Densi, Beth and Tracey. My husband was joking and said if he had a sister, he might introduce her to Azfar as he is very good with kids and that is a very great plus point for a partner haha..
The coast is clear. Sent our kids and now we have FREEDOM!! My husband and I decided to enjoy the jungle walk to the Zen Pool instead of taking the shuttle train. It is always nice to incorporate mini physical activities in between our indulging meal haha. It took us around 10mins on a medium pace. Surprisingly, we didn’t bump into any monkey along the way, maybe they are still sleeping haha.. 
Since we have around 8 hours of “kids free” time, my husband suggested to try out water activities. We did kayak, giggled so much along the way and my husband end up ripping his pants haha.. We also tried sailing for the first time. Such a fun and enjoyable experience. Had a good chat with Roy (the Go who is in charge of water activity).
Back to chilling at the Zen Pool. The ambiance is addictive. What is not to love? Ocean breeze on your face, the smell of salt water, no noise other than the waves and free flow of drinks and tit bits.
This is how the shuttle train looks like. You need to take a ride on this to commute to and from the Zen Pool.
After a good time enjoying water activity and chillaxing at the Zen Pool, we went back to pick up our kids. Turn out both has just gotten their Diploma. hahaha.. super cute.
Owh ya, ClubMed do have in house photographer that can help you take high quality pictures around the resort. You can have a family photoshoot around the compound if you want to. Sofea love it when her picture is taken, Diva much? LOL
One of the most memorable experiences here is when Sofea turned into a TURTLE. hahahaha.. Super cute outfit seriously, complete with a plushie turtle back. We found out that she have been practising for a show. After our dinner, we went to send Sofea to Petit Club.  That is where she had her final practise, also make up and costume done. 
Adik is surprised with Sofea’s transformation LOL
Normally people would smile on stage right? Well, Sofea is being Sofea.  I have no idea what expression is that. Even Sasya look surprised hahahaha.. You can check out her performance on the video, I shared earlier in this post.
Just so you know, the check in time is at 3pm and the check out time is at 11am. We put our bag in front of our room at 8am and the staff help to bring it to the lobby. Greatly appreciated because it can be tricky to carry our bags and drag 2 kids along haha.. Those who have kids would totally get what I mean.
It is time to say good bye to this place. I wish we stayed longer. 3 nights seems like not enough. While my husband is busy at the check out counter. Sofea is busy carrying around cushion.
Adik on the other hand, is practising her climbing skills. She practises a lot. Phewww… Overall, we truly enjoy our time at ClubMed. I think it is money well spent. My husband and I get to enjoy couple bonding time, trying out water activities, goes sailing for the first time. Our kids get to enjoy swimming pool, chase birds, make new friends and be part of a show. We created lots of fond memories together and that is priceless.
It is a good warming up for more memories to create in 2018. Thank you so much for reading this up. I hope you enjoy it and maybe get some insight if you are planning to visit ClubMed in the future. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile.


  1. cantik viewnya..tenang je...sama la tk suka pegi holiday time cuti sekolah sbb terlampau sesak sgt dan rate hotel pn mahal

    1. cantik tempat nya, best sebab all in, makan activities stay semua :) cuma kalau low season ni kena tawakal bab cuaca, better ambik 4 malam instead 3 malam sebab ada spare day time kot hujan lebat ke apa :)


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