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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

This post have been pending since Nov, but better late than never right? Actually my husband and I went for a dinner date to celebrate our anniversary. We tend to have one celebration only us alone and another one with our kids. With the kids we went for brunch at Sheraton Petaling Jaya. I will write about it some other time. This round let me share about The Ship instead. The closest to our home is the outlet at Uptown Damansara. I have been to this place quite a number of time before as my ex-office is just around the corner. However, I have always been during their lunch time. This is my first time trying out dinner.

First off, it is not a suprise that looking for parking in Uptown can be challenging. Also, try to avoid weekend because I went on Saturday night and it was quite chaotic. We came it around 8pm, most of table areoccupied. Glad that we able to be seated with less than 5 minutes. Maybe because there is only two of us. If you come in a group, PLEASE do BOOKING to avoid long waiting time.

The ambiance is rustic, maybe because the premis is old. I like the ship feel, the way their staff is wearing navy kind of uniform.Complete with the badges and the cap.  They did maintain the place but I didnt really noticed any adjustment other than more table addition. To be frank, it makes the place very crampy and pack. I would really suggest for you to come at odd hours or during day time if you prefer more chillax surrounding.

For the food, my husband took the current promo that they are having. RM72.90 for appetizer, soup, main and also a dessert. Quite worth it for the price. I decided to order ala carte lamb chop around RM41.90. Just want to share the rest of the course with my husband as I am pretty sure I cant be able to finish whole course by myself. Anniversary dinner also no need to membazir lahhhh.


Warm Bread and Butter

Each of us are given a nice warm bread and a butter spread. Not much to say about the bread, it is decent but nothing to shout out about.


Grilled tomato and Seafood Soup

This is one of the best grilled tomato soup that I have tried. I think they used a premium tomato because it tasted juicy, sweet, right consistency and very rich in flavour. My husband and I end up replicating the recipe at home. But we couldn’t find the right tune yet. I still miss this tomato soup that we had at The Ship Uptown.


Fresh Shrimp Cocktail

The prawn is fresh but I find the gravy is more than I like it to be. Maybe if you like not much dressing you can request for it to come in seperate container instead. I like the combination of lychee and the prawn. Have a feeling that the lychee is from can but still okay not too bad.


Grilled Sirloin Steak

For the promo set you can pick either a seafood ( I forgot what is the other option really is) or this Grilled Sirloin Steak. My husband like the steak, he didnt complain so I guess it is okay. Portion is quite generous, I think it is around 200gram of meat there in the plate. If only they put more attention to details. The plate is not presented at its best. You can see the souce drips. Not like it is a big deal, but it can be solved if they spend couple of seconds to clean the plate before serving. Maybe because it is peak hours and the place it full. aiyahh what eva lah,,, just that my eyes cant take it. Nothing to do with the taste.


Grilled Lamb Chop

This is my main. It comes with some mix boiled vegies, french fries and generous portion of lamb chop. Not dry and not over grilled. Just the way I like it. I find it juicy and tastify my taste buds. For RM 41.90 it is actually worth it. Have to be honest, it is not the best lamb chop that I have tried. However, it is decent. Mine does not come with any gravy. I was expecting atleast a mint souce but no.. naaa daaa.. No black pepper sauce, no mint sauce nothing. Thank God the lamb by itself it already well prepared. Again, would appreciate if they clean up the plate before presenting to us.


ice Cream with Banana and whipped cream.

Nothing much to say about the dessert. My husband and I shared this and we didnt really feel like re-ordering because we are already very full.


Overall, we find the place quite okay. For around RM150++ (with tax) dinner date is actually not bad. The only thing I wish they improvise on the presentation. The rest is okay. Owh ya, do go for odd hours becasue it is crampy during peak time. Would we come back again? Maybe, because the place is near, not too bad for the food and the price point is moderate.

Alright, that’s it. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you find it helpful somehow. Till next blogpost. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!

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  1. Grill sirloin steak tu...sedapnyaaaa

  2. lama btul tk mkn kt the shop...dapnye tgk sirloin & lamb tu...rege tu standard lebih kurang victoria station juga


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