Your Branding in 2018 - What Your Clothes Say About You |article by Bkay Nair|


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I meet Bkay at one of the event last year and getting to know her makes realized that she have skills and information that would be beneficial to many. She is a lawyer, a beauty queen that have won numerous award and also a Certified Image Professional. Hosted many image consultating workshop have given her more exposure on sharing some tips and trick about personal branding. Hope this article help. Below are the tips shared by her.

It's no news that your wardrobe says a lot about you !

Selecting the right clothes and style for your body type, that expresses who you are is not an easy task. People sometimes blindly follow the current fashion and very often they do not even feel comfortable in these clothes. Your goal is to find the best style that suits your personality and at the same time is fashionable. Most importantly it should represents who you are.


Here are some tips which you can follow in order to choose the best style that suits you.

· Firstly, find out what your body structure is. Male and female have different body shapes and types. Male body types are trapezium, square, oval and triangle while female body types are hourglass, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle. Which clothes will be perfect for your body type? You must be aware of your body requirements and choose the best fashion clothes that will not only look good on you but also be comfortable.

· When you wear some clothing that you like and you feel comfortable in it, take pictures. Pictures will help you in deciding which style is the most comfortable for you. Also take pictures of those outfits that do not suit you at all. This will help you later in mix and matching your clothing.

· You can also analyze which color is the most appropriate according to your skin tone. Color can make a person look young and vibration at the same time old and dull if you choose the wrong color. So find the best color that suits you by putting the clothing on and have a look does the color reflects onto your face.

· You need to select your personal favorite style. There is no need to get confused in the latest fashion trends and styles that people follow. Choose that style which is most appropriate for you and you like the most. Make a folder on your computer in which you place all the styles and fashion clothes which you like. Keeping various styles in mind is helpful in selecting the right outfits.

· Most of us time and time again face the issue of having too many clothes in our wardrobe and not the right clothes to wear. There are two major causes to this problem: Unplanned shopping and unorganized wardrobe. So arrange your wardrobe well. There is no need to again and again wear clothes that do not suit you. Throw them away and keep those clothes that are prefect for you in terms of style, color and looks.

· Along with the clothes choose a pretty accessories that goes along with your clothing.

What we wear speaks volumes in just a few seconds. Dressing to impress really is worthwhile and could even be the key to success. Happy dressing up …..

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