A Great Kisser by Soap & Glory (Review)






Olla ladies! Today I would like to share with you a review about one of the most raved lip balm by Soap & Glory. It is the “A Great Kisser” Lip moisture Balm. Okay here is another confession.. This is a quality lip balm. I absolutely adore it! i'm just a sucker for cute packaging especially one that's 50ish era (just like The Balm, and Benefit packaging they were just soo pretty! )

I have been using this for few months and not only does this lip balm do what it's supposed to which is to moisturize! it has just the right amount of tint and sheen to it (slightly glossy), giving my lips the extra bit of colour they need. Great for the every day. And it smells divine! Wait.. I forget to mention that it tasted yummy too! I cant help it it is on my lips and it is actually quite sweet.

What's the texture like? It's sticky. However, if you own mac lip glosses then this won't be a problem for you. I've worn stickier things than this so this doesn't bother me at all. Again it depends on your preferences.

The only con I have is the tin packaging. It's absolutely lovely and I love the retro inspiration! However, honestly it can be slightly inconvenient, and unhygienic since you have to use your finger to dip into the product (although you could use a lip brush if you wanted.) But then again, it is not like you are sharing your lip balm with millions of people right? If you use it for personal use, then in my opinion it should be fine.

Final verdict? RM 36 for 18gram, smells peachy ( gosh.. I love the smell on this product) tasted yummy, do what it supposed to do. Definitely a yes! P/S: Like all the other Soap & glory range, you may grab it at Sephora.



** Products were paid with my own money. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


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    1. itu la seronok dorang da ade kat malaysia. .kalau tak dulu tgk org review2 dlm youtube.. kempunan jer :)

  2. I like the packaging! Cantik! :)

  3. oh.. x pernah use lip balm cengginih.. asik guna lipbalm ala2 lipstick jer.. nnt try.. nice beauty info illy

  4. thans for sharing your lovely review

  5. i think it's not colourful enough but it's help for moisturise the lip

  6. Got sample ? Can try it ? Hahaha


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