My Beauty Resolutions for 2014


We all will step into new year 2014 in couple of days, other than self reflection session we all love to do resolutions. I love doing resolution to me it is like a long term check list. It keep me motivated, help me to stay focus and most of all I get to measure my accomplishment. It is like a target or a map of where you wanna go, all you need to do is follow your map and you will reach your destination. What if you dont even have a map or target? You might end up some where and might even stuck at current positions. Well, if you are the type that love fun surprises then maybe you opt to be differ than me hehe..

This time around The Butterfly Projects holding hand with Yadah to host a wonderful party at TTDI  in conjunction with 2014 new year and Chinese New Year. I bet you know how much fun we had during all the previous party and if you would like to get a shot to be invited, all you need to do is write up a post titled “My Beauty Resolutions for 2014” and submit it via rafflecopter link here

So let get started and below is my 12 Beauty Resolutions.

icon_confusedwear sunscreen daily
icon_confuseddo deep conditioning hair treatment every 2 months

icon_confuseddrink at least 10 glass of water daily

icon_confusedmore diy spa time at home at least once a week

icon_confusedlose my baby weight after giving birth

icon_confuseddo cuticle and nail treatment on monthly basis

icon_confuseddetoxify on monthly basis

icon_confusedreduce snacks and eat healthier

icon_confusedfind my signature smell

icon_confusedonly buy products that I really need ( well this is a tough one)

icon_confusedreduce unnecessary salon trip and opt for diy instead

icon_confusedlearn how to excellently do a diy medi pedi at home


Thank you for reading my post and how about you? what are your beauty resolutions? I wanted to know tooo hahaha.. well, yes it you want to join the party dont forget to write up your own beauty resolutions and cant wait to see you there!!


Cant wait to have a hands of with Yadah products since their are knowly made of natural plant ingredients, organic, chemical-free, no artificial colouring, gentle yet effective ingredients. I tried few of their products befoe like the cactus mist, the mascara and the tint. Can wait to try out more!


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