Fareeda Scaft n the hype


olla everyone, today I would to share something about the hype of Tudung Fareeda. Almost everyone knows that sometime people que to grab the latest phone in the market right? Here is Malaysia, we have people queing and even sleeping right infront of Tudung shop to purchase tudung fareeda. When I was told by my friends, I am in the very curious mode! I am like “are you sure or not?” “ so cantik it is?” or “so cheap maybe??”

After searching, I found out it is true! The fiancĂ© (happens to be a malaysian artist) to the owner’s daughter upload on his facebook the picture below. Like seriously, people sleeping outside of the shop waiting for it to open.

I also found out that the range of the tudung is selling from RM 100 to few hundreds.. depending on the design n type of material used. Sweat not, I also found out that you can buy it via their online facebook page. Tudung Fareeda have a dedicated facebook just for online purchase.






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