AVI SPA at Avilion Port Dickson Review


If you are on my personal facebook or on my blog fan page, I think you might notice that I went to Avilion Port Dickson last week for a company trip. Honestly I have been to PD so many times, it is one of the nearest beach from KL. Which reminds me of  how lucky those who able to live nearby beaches!

Anyway, out of all my stay at Port Dickson, I never stayed in Avilion before. I will share more about Avilion Port Dickson staying experience in future post. Today I am going to share about their beautiful Avi Spa building and their services. Hope that you will find this post helpful.

if you check out the first picture you able to see the building have 2 storey and the on top is made out of glass. Well, if you go behind those glass you will able to see this! Super nice cushioned area where you able to snap beautiful picture and enjoy the sunset or sunrise with nothing blocking your view as the behind part is an open ocean.

P/s: The staff might ask for privilege card or whether you are staying at premium water chalet in order to go to this area. Anyhow, if you different2 timing other staff might just kind enough to give you few minutes to snap pictures.



I booked my appointment at 2pm, and just incase you are wondering Avi Spa open up till 10pm so just if you want to enjoy night view then you may go for the night session. Honestly, it is abit pricey if compared to the normal place I went for massage and a little bit disappointed that even if you are a guest at their hotel there is no discount at all. (Normally all resort or hotel gave up till 45 – 60% for in house guest to enjoy their spa facilities). Luckily I was the organizer for this company trip and able to get 20% off after checking with the sales person and the front manager.

Well, I took their Avi Signature Massage which cost around RM 230 for 60 minutes and with the 16% tax and then 20% off, around RM 214.50 for 1 hour of massage. I just close my eyes and sign it as if I hesitate I might change my mind.. hahahaha..

I went with Ashleigh, we decided to might as well enjoy it since it is not every time we get to come to this nice place so just get on with it.



The interior and exterior of this Avi Spa is obvioulsy different that any other spa that I have been too… normally the spa that I went is dark, dimmed and you may smell the lemon grass once you enter the building. But not with Avi Spa, the building is so bright the colour code is white and tiffany blue and I cant sense any lemon grass smell at all. Suprisingly, I like this different kind of experience. If you can see, the decor is more to beach wiht corals and seashells and a hint of spices.


As usual, before the treatment start they will serve you herbal tea. i just love enjoying the tea every time I go to massage place. It is like my body automatically relax since it knows that it gonna get pampered soon.. hehehee

Owh ya, before you start of your massage at their counter, you will get to pick which massage oils would you like they have 4 different type of variations. Ashleigh and I decided to take the one labelled poise. I cant recall the other 3 name as what. I like the Poise one, since it is not to strong and not to mellow it is just nice. I felt a sense of refresh and relax when I smell it so decided to pick that one for my massage session.




Then we went in to chance our clothes. As usual you will be given with at bathrobe, disposable panties as well as hair cap. The changing room is so nice! Way nicer than my picture here.. I wish I have better camera to capture and share with everyone. 



Ashleigh and I requested for separate room and here is my massage room, it is facing the beautiful ocean, so serene. Since, I am pregnant the therapist gave me extra pillow and yes I do not need to go facedown and just lay on my right or left instead. She also gave me support pillow for my leg. I must highlight here that the session was very good and suddenly the RM214.50 felt super worth it. hehehe..



After our session ended, we were lead to the most back area of the spa and were given with survey form and of cos tea to unwind. The most awesome thing about this final session is that the place it self. OMG look at the picture below and by this time I really2 wish I have an awesome camera to snap the beautiful scenery. It is almost surreal.



We end our session chit chatting and basically enjoying the view. So will I come again? Yes! nuff said. hahaha.. What about you? have you tried this Avi Spa before? What do you think about it and which treatment that you took? I saw that they also have “silat” massage which really trigger my curiosity. Will I try that one next time? Well, why not.. but I need to wait till I give birth to my baby instead. 


For more info you may check out their website at http://www.avispa.com.my/ 



** Services was paid with my own money. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. SPA facing the sea, really one of a kind experience ;)

    1. it is Choi Yen :) will be one of the unforgettable experience <3

  2. wow!! i have always wanted to try their spa but thought it was too expensive. But if you say the services are good and with that view...money well spent I suppose. Will give it a try next time I am there!! Thanks for the review =)

    1. go n try it babe.,. I was hesitating at first due to the cost but I found it worth it at the end <3 glad you found this review helpful <3

  3. my gaaaaaddd the view the facilities! jaw dropping!

    1. kan kan kan??? cantik giler babe... tp i tangkap pakai phone jer so really didnt do justice to the place at all.. it is like 10 times more cantik than this in real life <3

  4. cantik giler tempat nie..... sukerrrr lah..

    1. itu la kak lily.. lawa sgt pergi2 dekat jer dgn kl tak jauh mane :)

  5. Replies
    1. illy rasa maybe dorang ade promotion kot kalau honeymoon mesti lagi syiok :)

  6. wish i can go enjoy there on coming soon holiday

  7. Spa with sea view so relax so siooooknye

  8. SPA facing the sea, really one of a kind experience


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