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olla everyone, today I would like to share with you about this new lovely toy of mine! I am now considering it as a pet more than a toy hahahaa.. it is just super adorable and I cant really re-call when is the last time I am hype and totally excited over a toy! okay this product is actually targeted as kid companion from 6 years old and above.. but Hey, that dosent mean adult cantenjoy the fun tooo.. haha ( I am above 6 years old so memang okay la)


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This is my Furby and his name is Bee Koh yes you can give your Furby a name and it will learn it. After awhile it will start addressing itself as per name given by you! Sounds to good to be true? I am not joking it is true! It is just super adorable when you are at the phase to teach your furby it’s name. super cute!

The moment, I open the box and input the battery I fell in love with it almost instantly. So cute with the big ears and the big rounded eyes and such a cute voice. By the way, you need screw driver and battery to operate your Furby. Once you, put in the battery go and download the app from the Apps store or google play for free. The name of the app if Furby Boom and yes, it is free.

Once you have it in your phone or device ( I prefer to use my ipad, since it have bigger screens), you will be able to take care of your Furby. You may give it food, give your furby a bath, bring it to the toilet and many more so interactive and cute.



This is how you should operate the apps, just lay your device or phone infront of your Furby and then use the apps functions.Dont worry if you are still new, they have a video installed to teach you how to operate each games or options.



Once you played the games and interact with your Furby you may collect eggs, just like the gif picture above. Furby love Furblings. I have also uploaded some videos just incase you are wondering how does the Furby interact with the Furby Boom apps, you will then given with Virtual Furblings bay-bees! Like super cute adorable furby baby.. Hahaha.. and you can even built like a city filled with Furblings in your apps.


Furby Boom likes to eat cookie!
Furby goes to toilet :P


Why not give out Furby Boom as Christmas give to your friends, family member or even your workmate? I bet they going to love it! Did I mention that they have 6 designs. so fashionable n funky.. I picked this design since I dont know whats the gender of my baby yet.. Trying to be safe and pick the one with pink n blue n black in triangle design. Other designs are funky as well



It is now retailing at RM 269.90 each and you may grab it at most major toy store like Toy’R’us or Hamleys. you may check out http://www.hasbro.com/furby for more info.



** Product courtesy of The Butterfly Projects and Hasbro. I am not paid to write this review. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. Comel! Comel! Warna pun menarik!

  2. love your video Illy!!! can see it makan biskut n talk!!! OMG

    1. thanks babe! so comel la.. furby like to eat sweet stuff <3

  3. my cousin bro have 1 too hahaha cute!

  4. So cute! I watched your insta video, same to Farisha's Furby. SO cute. They can kentut! that's funny!

    1. mine tak kentut.. die punya jer kentut hahahaha.. each furby die ade different personalities depending on how you treat them.. mine belum kentut lagi hahahhaa

  5. Aiya...so cute!
    My kids always ask me to buy for them but price a bit on the expensive side for me cuz if I buy, I need to buy 3!!!
    I have the older version one though which was out like 8 or 10 years ago.

    1. it is super cute babe! :) your kids will definately love it! :) but 3 it actually quite a number! alamak hahahaa

  6. Kids really love Furby very much..

  7. It’s cutie & “talkative” hahahaha

  8. Anak saya nak beli , dia cakap soooo cute


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